bill white purple tie Bill White on the Issues (Audio and Video)I got a call last night from a thoughtful guy, Matt in Flower Mound, who asked “What is Bill White gonna do” if he’s elected governor?   Matt didn’t sound thrilled with the Republican Governor, Rick Perry, but he didn’t sound excited about voting for the Democratic challenger either.

Matt’s point was that he felt many politicians, no matter what their background, think that election day should be like “Christmas for them” without really having to work for it.

I have interviewed Bill White (pictured) many times, including this time when I “put him through the red meat grinder,” as Reeve Hamilton at the Texas Tribune put it.

You can also hear that interview here:

It’s still very early in this campaign and White remains largely unknown outside of Houston, where he was mayor for six years.  You better believe he’ll soon start spending a lot of campaign cash to get his message out there and across the state.

Veteran Democratic strategist Jason Stanford, who ran Chris Bell’s campaign for governor in 2006, told me just how difficult it is to create name ID in Texas.  The sheer size of Texas makes the challenge comparable to running for president.  Listen to that here:

UPDATE: White addressed the Texas Democratic Party convention in Corpus Christi this weekend.  You can watch the speech here:

As White was giving his speech, Gov. Perry’s campaign released this video him called “Bill Whitewash.”

Scott Braddock