mj pic Michael Jackson's Legacy:  One Year Later

On the anniversary of the death of the “King Of Pop”, where does his legacy stand?

Michael Jackson died just one year ago at the age of 50, and there are still a mountain of questions and issues surrounding his empire and his legacy.  Several news stations did segments and commented on the anniversary, but some MJ fans are left wondering why the one year mark was not celebrated in traditional Jackson style.    Is he already fading in the minds and hearts of his fans?  Not likely.   His legacy is alive and well, albeit in a transitional phase. 


Several all-star tribute concerts have yet to come alive.   Even Jermaine Jackson has, on two seperate occassions, tried to develop and pull off a tribute concert for his brother.  Both of them were bogged down in red tape.  

The much rumored return of the “Jackson Five” with Janet filling in for Michael has also been debunked as Janet herself has denied any involvement in that project.


Back in March of this year, Sony paid a reported 250 million for 10 albums of unreleased material.  Michael has said in several interviews that he had hundreds of unreleased songs, much of them completed works left off of successful albums due to time constraints.  Sony plans on releasing the first album of unreleased material in November.   

In the past year, MJ sold over 9 million records and 13 million digital tracks online.  SoundScan reports that at the end of 2009, MJ had 4 of the year’s top 20 albums on their sales charts as well as 9 of the top 200 songs downloaded that year.    Obviously there is still a very hungry crowd for for MJ music and any unreleased (therefore considered “new” to us) material will be highly sought after.      


Prince Michael, Paris, and Blanket are still under the care and custody of Katherine Jackson.  They have maintained their private lifestyle, but will attend a private school soon. 

Joe Jackson has filed a wrongful death civil suit against AEG, the sponsor of MJ’s comeback concert series, as well as a similiar suit against MJ’s doctor, Conrad Murray. 

CONRAD MURRAY (MJ’s physician)

Once Michael’s death was decided to be a homicide, and involuntary manslaughter charge was issued to Conrad Murray, Michael’s physician.  Murray’s preliminary hearing is set for August 23rd. 


MJ has more projects going on now, than when he was still among us.   There is a video game coming, a live musical revue show in production, tons of MJ merchandise on the way, and countless recordings we have yet to hear.  A whole new generation has just been introduced to his music, as those tunes are back in rotation on radio stations across the globe.  MJ is not going anywhere. 

Some critics will, no doubt, still mention his “Wacko Jacko” stories and the child-molestation lawsuits.  As time goes by, he will ultimately known for his charity work and the unbelieveable mark he made on the music industry. 

Long Live the King Of Pop.