Friday, we introduced a new weekly segement to the Nightly News Roundup.   Off the air, I have lots of funny and interesting conversations with my chief of staff Jaxon, about politics, but mainly POP CULTURE.  He is always on top of these stories, so I suggested he bring that energy to the show.  

Here is the run down from Friday’s segment:

The 3rd movie in the TWILIGHT saga, ECLIPSE opens this weekend.   Here is the trailer. 

spl191699 002 Pop Culture Round Up   07/02/10Celebutante, KIM KARDASHIAN, got her own wax sculpture, courtesy of the legendary Madame Tussauds Studio.  

(It looks incredible-The REAL Kim is on the left by the way)  







                                                                                                                           garfield Pop Culture Round Up   07/02/10

SONY / COLUMBIA / MARVEL STUDIOS announced a reboot of the SPIDER-MAN movie series.   The successful Tobey Macguire franchise has been scrapped for a reboot staring  a relative new comer ANDREW GARFIELD.



wonder women Pop Culture Round Up   07/02/10In other super-hero news, WONDER WOMAN debuted a new and updated outfit this week.   Jaxon speculates that they are testing this outfit for a possible bid to make a live action movie.

Jaxon wrapped up the segment with a recount of this year’s BET AWARDS, where CHRIS BROWN had a breakdown during his Michael Jackson performance, and PRINCE received a Lifetime Achievement Award. 

In addition to his segment on the NNR, he is also a contributor to the NEW KRLD website.   You will find his pop culture stories here: