Lindsay Lohan's Courtroom Profane Nail-Polish Message (Photo)

While Lindsay Lohan was sobbing listening to the judge announce her sentence, a close up of her attire showed a certain message written on her fingernails.  No one knows if this was for the judge or for anyone in particular, but the message that starts with an “F “and ends with a “U”, is clearly visible on her nails.  To see the picture scroll down.  (Warning-Photo Contains Graphic Language)

fucku Lindsay Lohan's Courtroom Profane Nail Polish Message (Photo)

  • mikesr0043

    They really need to keep her in jail for the whole six months. Valuable lessons need to be given.

    • mikesr0043

      keep up the good work judge

  • robber2112

    This just shows how immature she really is. No wonder her father has to stay on her for misbehaving. Shw needs to go to jail for a lomg time, at least until she shows elders somew respect…..What a cry baby…

  • Sargeant Dread

    This mental midget seems to think that laws don’t apply to her,what an idiot !!

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