Teens Getting Vampire Teeth

Teens love the twilight movies and it seems some are going to great lengths to resemble the characters. 
They want long, pointy canine teeth like the vampires in the films.  Rockwall Dentist Dr. Mary Courtin says some time back, a teenage boy sat in her chair and told her whatever you do, don’t touch my canines.
Courtin says points on the teeth are added on with a putty type substance and usually fall off after a day…and they cost 300 bucks a set.

  • Wilbert O'Hara

    Isn’t it enough our kids are so fasincated by these nocturnal beings? Tatoos are one thing, resembling a vampire is another.

    Parents, please take back control of what is phase of life and what is ridiculous!

  • Jennifer Cutright

    I don’t see anything wrong with it. It’s not permanent, actually the teeth won’t last more than 48 hours.

    Getting “temporary vampire teeth” is safe and harmless way for the teenagers out there that want to participate in a fun and memorable trend. It’s like getting a temporary tattoo. :)

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