Jail Guard Arrested For Being In Country Illegally

A Dallas County sheriff’s jail guard was arrested this morning at work.
Marie Ross was hired in 2001 and had recently applied to be a sheriff’s deputy.  A background check showed she was in the country illegally.  County Commissioner John Wiley Price tells KRLD every once in awhile something slips through the cracsk. He says Marie performed admirably.
Price says vetting officer more often would be the sheriff’s call.  Ross now faces deportation.  She was on a team to ensure jails were in compliance with regard to safety and sanitation.

  • Daniel

    And this surprises who ?

  • Sargeant Dread

    A “TEAM” that oversee’s safety and sanitation ?? In a jail ?? as Bob Dylan once said “you don’t need a weatherman to see which way the wind blows” sounds like busy work to me.I’d love to work a 10 hour day,I’d think I’d died and gone to heaven.

  • chuck

    Sargeant dread, you are obviously an ignorant fool. You should have someone proof read your comments before submitting them.

  • mark

    Send their ass badk to where they came. We got all the problems we need with blacks and mexicans costing this state so much money. Send them all back. Lincoln was wrong and Kennedy paid the price. Does that say anything to all the good right wing conservative Republicans.

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