Mary Matalin Weighs in on Unemployment Debate (Audio)

I had the pleasure of speaking with the CNN Contributor and Co-Host of Both Sides Now, which debuts this weekend on KRLD. 

– Scott Braddock

  • Cindy Kerry

    I am a 43 year old single mom with two daughters I am still raising I was first Laid Off in 2008 after 12 years used up all of my 401k how can you save when you already live pay check to pay check then i was ask to come back to the company that bought the company that laid me off then they laid me off to in 2009 now I am lossing my home and ever thing esle I am looking to break up my family because i just can find a job my last job i was making 18.00 dollars an hour Am I lazy NO do i want a job yes You better BELIEVE I DO.what i am not ENtitleD to cable a cell phone that is a part of our lifes now aND OH I STILL HAVE NO JOB

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