Teen Dies In 121 Accident

Friends of a Plano teenager are shaken as word spreads of 16-year-old Nicole LeGrow’s death in yesterday’s crash on Highway 121 in The Colony. LeGrow was a student at Jasper High School in Plano.
The car was driving faster than the posted 70-miles an hour when she should have been driving slower because the roads were slick from rain.  The car lost control striking a road sign.  Department of Public Safety Trooper Robert White says the car was driven by 16-year-old Alexandra Hays who was airlifted to a Dallas hospital for treatment is in serious treatment.


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  1. Kae says:

    I’m friends with both Nicole and Alexandra, and they’re some of the most incredible people. Nicole had so much that would’ve been ahead for her, and Alexandra, we’re just praying for her. That she will pull out of this, and everything will be alright

  2. dubfounded says:

    I wish i could say i feel sorry for them… but this is getting old.. teenagers driving that fast when its wet.. just goes to show you that they are so not responseable enough to drive yet. I have a 16yr old as well…. who just started driving..and in no way shape or form is he allowed to drive on his own yet…. why because they do not have enough experience yet!!!!! im so for raising the legal driving age to 18… they can get ther permit when they are 16… but they need the 2yrs to get experience!…

    1. Well “dubfounded”… First of all, you left out the M in dumb, which is what your comment sounded like. And second of all, regardless of their lack of driving experience it is still a very sad situation and they have family and friends that are mourning the loss of their loved one so you should probably keep your negative feelings to yourself.

    2. Heartless, Much? says:

      I am appalled at how hurtful and selfish you are. You are obviously not a parent of a sixteen year old, otherwise you wouldn’t be putting down these two girls. You would be saying that you can’t imagine the pain these girls’ parents are in, how terrible it would be to lose a child. Not “I wish i could say i feel sorry for them… but this is getting old..” You are heartless and I’d like to ask that you apologize to Kae, ingramashley23, Nicole and Alex’s families and friends, and all the other people who are affected by this tragedy.
      I didn’t know Nicole or Alexandra, personally. But these girls are loved and admired so much, that people who don’t even know them are affected by their accident.
      I feel sorry for you. Maybe you won’t be missed after you’re gone like the entire student bodies of Plano Senior, Plano West, Vines, and Jasper High Schools miss Nicole and Alexandra. I hope you find peace, but this is not the place to put two wonderful girls down, just to make yourself feel better.
      Thank You.

      P.S. What kind of “parent” can’t spell ‘responseable’?

    3. drewmagoo says:

      you are dumb and heartless

  3. anonymous says:

    Nicole was a beautiful girl, with many friends, and a lot of talent. She was so full of life, and had such a friendly smile. It’s sad to see her pass so young, and so tragically. But, please, for those of you who don’t know either of the girls involved.. don’t judge Alexandra based on what you read. Alexandra is just as sweet and precious as Nicole. Regardless if this is due to poor driving, Alexandra would never EVER want or intend for something like this to happen. My prayers are with them both.

  4. Brytyn says:

    I have met Nicole once a few years back and although I don’t know the young lady that she was becoming I did know her brother and knew that the LeGrow family was one of the sweetest people on the face of the earth. Nicole was such an inspiration and such an amazing person and nobody has any right to say anything about how this is getting old or how you don’t feel sorry for them. Regardless of how the accident happened it was still just that, an accident. Alexandra is going through enough right now and she doesn’t need the remarks from other people blaming her for it and telling her that it was her mistake for driving irresponsibly. Nicole, you will be greatly missed and its not even processing in my head that you are gone so soon from this world. RIP baby girl, we all love you. and Alexandra, we are all pulling for you, we know you can pull out of this and you have so many people behind you to support you and help you get through this. Stay strong sweetie, we love you!
    To Dubfounded – this doesnt teach me to drive more responsibly, this teaches me that no matter what, accidents happen. Things are going to happen that are out of our control and it was just Nicoles time to go. We may not want it but thats what had to happen and we have to do the best we can to cope with it. If I have learned anything from the lack of sleep I have lost over this and the pain I have felt is that I need to live life to the fullest because we don’t know what the future holds. Enjoy everyday with your loved ones because in the blink of an eye your world could be changed forever just like the LeGrows was. Nicole, Rest In Peace. To the LeGrow family – you wont get through this alone, we are all here for you and praying for you. We will all be there the second you need us without hesitation. God Bless your family, you guys are all in our prayers. Kae- I hope you are doing okay with this, I am sure it can’t be easy to get through this but this goes for you too, you arent going through this alone and everyone is there for each other.

    RIP Nicole, God Bless and I am glad to say that we all now have a beautiful angel watching over us now ❤

    1. Jazz says:

      Okay…First of all “dubfounded” was right on. Yes, it was an accident; an accident that SHOULD have and COULD have been prevented. And you might not want to admit it; but it is Alexandra’s fault! People go to prison for things called vehicular homicide and involuntary manslaughter. These laws are put in place to protect us, and when we break them; we must live with the consequences. I feel bad that Nicole passed and I will continue to pray for the family. I also feel bad that Alexandra was so hurt. But I refuse to say that no one should say anything to her about what she has done. Yes, maybe she already knows it; but tomorrow I fall asleep behind the wheel “it was an accident”, and hit and kill someone; I’m going to jail. Yes, she’s a minor so she is protected some what. But this girl committed MURDER, and all she gets “K”, is that “she has to deal with this the rest of her life”…For all of you parents out there; deny it all you want, but if your daughter or son was killed at the hand of another (albeit) another kid…YOU WOULD HATE them.

  5. motherof2 says:

    I am so saddened by this terrible accident…I was driving on 121 and saw the aftermath of the crash, my chest went hollow and my eyes welled with tears. I am so deeply sorry for both of these young girls…one for passing too soon and, the other for having to experience the loss of a friend and for the struggles she will face in healing, body and soul. It is both unfair and ridiculous to blame a child for an accident…these girls were friends, neither would’ve EVER intentionally hurt the other. There should be no negative comments posted here……..

  6. k says:

    to “Dubfounded” you are ignorant. No matter what happened the fact is that this young girls life is over, and her friend has to deal with this the rest of her life, and her family as well. maybe you dont let your child drive, but others do.Age does not matter, i have seen grown adults speed through the rain as well, drink and drive, and have car accidents, and lose control and wreck. Just because these girls are 16 makes no difference. it was just Nicoles time, and hopefully Alexandra will recover fully. Maybe you should hug your 16 year old tighter tonight because you never know when life will be cut tragically short. Back off these two girls, and let their families grieve. I personally did not know these girls but I lost a friend under a year ago due to rain and driving, but in his case he was also drinking, and he was an adult. So i dont want to hear you complain about 16 year old drivers. Oh also you need to learn how to spell. So if you have nothing nice to say dont say it at all. People make mistakes.

    To Nicole, may you rest in peace, you are an angel now watching over your friends and family, God Bless you, you are home now, and to Alexandra you will get through this stay strong, your family, Nicole’s family and all of your friends need you.
    RIP Nicole

    My prayers are with both of these girls….

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