Dallas County is scrambling to write a new policy for checking the immigration status of employees now that a jailer is facing possible deportation for being in the country illegally. 
County officials confirm a new policy is being written even now after obvious lapses in checks of the legal status of county jail employees and sheriff’s deputies.  34 year-old jailer Maria Ross of Irving now faces possible deportation after she applied to become a deputy sheriff and a background check revealed problems with her immigration status.  ICE isn’t saying much about the case, but do confirm to the Morning News that Ross had been deported in 1998 and then re-entered the US a short time later.  The human resources director for the jail says Ross provided them documentation up until 2005 that she was able to work in the country, but after that, no one followed up.  That will change now, with annual — even periodic background checks of the legal status of non-US citizens working as guards and deputies.