Drivers of two cars involved in a shootout through the streets of Dallas cause a major wreck, sending three kids to the hospital.  Dallas Police Senior Corporal Kevin Janse says two men were involved in a drug deal at Hampton and Perryton in Oak Cliff.  He says the transaction didn’t go as expected, and one man got into his car and drove off with the drugs.  The second man pulled a weapon, started shooting, got into his car and followed the first man.  The two men drove through the streets of Dallas, engaged in a shootout, until one man caused a five car wreck at the intersection of Keist and Harlindale.  The four additional cars contained seven people, including three children.  They were all taken to the hospital, but everyone will be ok.

One of the suspects was injured in the wreck.  He has been arrested and is being guarded at the hospital.  The second took off, but police caught up with him a few blocks away.  Both weapons have also been recovered.