The mayor of Coppell and her daughter will be remembered by the community at a public service scheduled for tomorrow. 

Services for Coppell Mayor Jayne Peters and daughter are scheduled for Friday, July 16, at 2 p.m. at First United Methodist Church in Coppell, 420 S. Heartz Road.

Meantime, a lot of questions are now being answered in the murder-suicide involving Coppell Mayor Jayne Peters and her 19 year-old daughter.  
There were four suicide notes in Jayne Peter’s home, four times the mayor reflected on what she was about to do.  One of the notes was taped to the front door along with a key telling whoever found it they were about to find her body and that of her 19-year old daughter inside. 
The Dallas County Medical Examiner’s office confirmed the Mayor murdered her daughter before killing herself.  Nobody seemed to know what caused Peters to take such drastic steps.
The why is something that may never be known, but it’s still a question that haunts those who knew the Peters family best.  Some have said the 55 year-old was sick, but no one has said what with, and those who worked with Peters say there was no outward indication of any mental or physical health problems.  Friends of 19 year-old Corrine Peters who gathered last night say there was some friction between mother and daughter following the death of Donald Peters.  Corrine was active in dance, and friends say the recent Coppell High School grad was looking forward to heading off to college at UT.