At a news conference following the memorial service for Coppell mayor Jayne Peters and her teenage daughter, Coppell City Manager Clay Phillips said Peters had been using her city-issued cards for personal expenses.  He says she had not paid back large amounts of the money she owed the city from those expenses, Phillips said. Listen to the full press conference below.

Click here to see the suicide note left by Jayne Peters.

Daughter of Coppell Mayor, Corrine Peters, Remembered In Photos

He also said she had told him several times recently that she had money to reimburse the city and was about to do so.  She had not yet paid it back.
Also at the news conference, Acting Coppell Mayor Bob Mahalik said city staffers have asked themselves repeatedly whether Peters had shown any signs of trouble lately.  Mahalik said outwardly she seemed to be the same “happy-go-lucky” person she had always been.
Coppell Deputy Police Chief Steve Thomas also spoke at the news conference.  He said Peters had left three notes in her house.  One, found taped to the door of the bathroom where Jayne Peters’ body was found, was a “do not resuscitate” order.
The second note was a list of family contact information, Thomas said.
The third note said that Peters and her daughter were still grieving the loss of her husband two years ago.  It also said that, in Thomas’ words, “times were tough.”
Peters’ pastor, Rev. Dennis Wilkinson revealed that information and more about the murder-suicide during a memorial service for both women Friday.
Wilkinson said Peters’ family asked him to reveal the information.
Peters’ husband died of cancer in 2008, and Wilkinson said he left nothing to his wife and daughter.  She had borrowed money from many people, he said.