A Grand Prairie teenager missing for more than a year and a half has turned up.   bridgette bilotta Missing Teen Turns UpBridgette Bilotta disappeared from Grand Prairie High School in October of 2008.  She was the focus of a search and website launched by her mother. She was also  the subject of several vigils.  Grand Prairie Detective John Brimmer says  tip led them to Bridgette living in Irving.
Brimmer says the girl had lived in several north Texas cities, as well as Lubbock. She slept in a laundromat, a church, and with several families. She even worked in at a factory in Dallas.   She’s been reunited with her parents.  Grand Prairie police are looking into possible harboring charges.

Below is the police report.

On 07-15-2010 @ 8:56 p.m. Investigator received an e-mail from dispatch; the e-mail stated that runaway Bridgette Marie Bilotta was located by Irving Police Department [Report #10-18426].  On 07-16-2010 Michael Bilotta and Christina Bilotta [parents] brought Bridgette to the Grand Prairie Police Department.  Victims Assistant Coordinator and Inv. conducted an informal interview with Bridgette and I asked Bridgette to write down her activities since her date of disappearance on 10-08-2008.  Bridgette stated that she left home because she had been arguing with her father; her parents were upset about her behavior on MySpace; they were planning on sending her to reside with her grandmother in Conroe, Texas.  Bridgette was “hanging out” with her friends at Mill Valley Apartments before school started; she went to school and stayed there for the first and second periods.  Bridgette went back to Mill Valley Apartments; she stayed there for approximately 1-2 hours.  Bridgette then went to Terrace View Apartments; it was there that she decided that she didn’t want to return home; she stayed with a male for approximately 3 days before leaving Grand Prairie for good.  Bridgette then traveled to Irving, Texas; she met a girl who lived behind Wal-Mart; she stayed with her for awhile.  Bridgette then traveled to Arlington, Texas; she stayed at a church for four days.  After, Bridgette turned 17 years old she stayed at a shelter in Arlington, Texas; she contacted her former boyfriend; she asked him if she could stay with him; he said “No.”  Bridgette then traveled to Duncanville, Texas; she stayed with a female for approximately three months; she then traveled to Lubbock, Texas and she stayed there for approximately one week before returning back to the Duncanville house. Bridgette then traveled to Arlington, Texas; she stayed with her friend’s for a few nights; Adrianna’s parents didn’t know she was staying there. Bridgette worked at a factory in Dallas, Texas; she told them she was 18 years old; she didn’t have to fill out any paperwork; they didn’t ask her any questions; they paid her at the end of the day. Bridgette went back to the shelter in Arlington, Texas; she went to their school for runaways.  Bridgette has slept in a Laundromat; she has stayed at a Super 8 motel; she has bounced from one friend’s house to another. For the last few months, Bridgette was staying with her boyfriend in Irving, Texas. Bridgette had renewed her relationship with her former boyfriend, Someone called in a tip to the Irving Police Department.  The Irving Police Department located Bridgette at Cory’s house; they called her parents; her father picked her up from Irving Police Department North Station.  Case closed.