Autopsy reports give us a clearer picture of how Coppell Mayor Jayne Peters murdered her daughter, and raises questions about medication.  There may have been at least a couple hours between the deaths of the mayor and the daughter.  Reports show 19-year old Corinne Peters had decompositional fluid in her body that her mother did not a sign the shootings may have had some time between.  And it’s apparent Corinne was not facing her mother when she was shot to death.  Rather the single, fatal wound came from behind.  KRLD medical expert Dr. David Winter tells KRLD the entrance wound was from the left side back of the neck.  The bullet then went up into her head indicating she was either bending over or that her mother was below her when she was shot and killed.
Dr. Winter notes the autopsy shows no signs of gunpowder burns, an indication the shot came from at least several feet away.  A separate report on Jayne Peters confirms she took her own life by pointing the gun to her head.  While neither woman had any evidence of drugs or alcohol in the bloodstream Doctor Winter is curious about the two 100-milligram fentanyl patches on Mayor Peters back.  Fentanyl is a powerful painkiller that has been linked to depression, hallucinations and confusion.  But he notes there was no indication of that in her bloodstream which may mean the patches were old.

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