The Asphalt Beach in Louisiana (Photos)

Here are the photos of the beach in Grand Isle, Louisiana that CBS News Correspondent August Skamenca and I were talking about on the air.  We will broadcast from New Orleans again tonight (7/29/10) from 7-9pm.

ashpalt beach 1 The Asphalt Beach in Louisiana (Photos)

And here:

asphalt beach 2 The Asphalt Beach in Louisiana (Photos)

Listen to a man who was fishing with his grandson very near this mess:

This fisherman disputes claims that the oil slick situation is improving:

This man runs a skimmer, and can’t say for sure whether they’ll be needed back on the water to contain the mess:

Listen to August and me break down the story here:

Scott Braddock



One Comment

  1. bdk says:

    Thank you Scott for going down there and bringing this situation to attention.

    1. scottbraddock says:

      You are very welcome

  2. Joe P. says:

    Was this reported to BP and the Feds so they can clean it up ? Where is the cleanup crew ? Supposedly most are sitting on thier hands and getting paid for it. It just doesn’t do to report it and leave. Who was called about it. Did you call Scott ?

    1. scottbraddock says:

      Joe, my team and I are doing everything we can to get this to the attention of BP, the feds, the state, and local officials. As I’ve reported on the show: Most of the time, BP and others are trying to keep us from ever even finding out about these things in the first place, so maybe we’re fighting a losing battle. I’m not giving up, though.

  3. So-Called Liberal Media says:

    We in the so-called Librul Media are certain that BP and Bobbie Jindahl will get right on this 40′ patch of beach asphalt, along with the other 270,962 beaches and marshes inundated with the thick, black tar. When they are done cleaning that up…around the year 2243…they will immediately begin work on removing the 15 foot thick layer of dispersant and red tar that now covers 26,000 square miles of the Gulf and which has effectively ended all marine life in the region for the next 2,028 years.

    1. So-Called Liberal Media says:

      26,00 square miles on the bottom of the Gulf is what I meant to say.

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