Tonight, we take on TRON, The Avengers, The Hogan Family and more-

With the arrival of Comic Con 2010, there are plenty of hot new films coming:

TRON:  Legacy features the return of Jeff Bridges to the world made famous by the original TRON movie from the 80’s.  Much hype surrounded the new trailer as it featured Bridges with a “digital face-lift” that made him appear 20 years younger.  Check it:

marvellogos2 Pop Culture Roundup for 07 30 10The AVENGERS was announced and it’s going to be a cool flick.   My breakdown of that is here.

linda hogan Pop Culture Roundup for 07 30 10And I debuted the COUGAR REPORT –   The former MRS. Hulk Hogan, Linda who is 50, is set to get married to her 21 year old boyfriend, Charlie Hill.