They’re still waiting for water in Weatherford. More than 24 hours ago, the city warned residents that a water main break was causing massive problems. All non-essential water use is banned until further notice. The only uses considered esential cooking, drinking and flushing the commode. That means on Monday, the hottest day of the year so far, there were no showers permitted. Also, there was no topping off swimming pools, no sprinklers for the kids to run through and certainly no watering the lawns. The main break forced the closure of city and Parker County offices.

Fire stations, Wal-Mart and grocery stores were very popular places in Weatherford yesterday as people stocked up on bottled water. The city’s providing water out of tanker trucks, and that will continue today, although the hope is that a fix of the pipe that failed will be accomplished soon.  Restaurants were forced to shut down yesterday, losing out on critical business.

A disaster declaration has been issued by the mayor, and now city officials are trying to figure out what caused the crack in the pipe at the 15 year-old water treatment plant.

Water can be picked up by Weatherford residents at the following locations:

Fire Station 1 – 100blk of S Alamo St
Fire Station 3 – North Service Road at 410MM I-20 (at E Bankhead Dr)
Fire Station 4 – 900blk W Park Ave
(The above locations will be distributing water from 7am until 11pm Tuesday and will continue each day at these times until it is deemed not necessary)

Crews are working at Weatherford’s Water Purification Plant to fix the main break but a permanent fix could  take a week, or longer.