Maintence workers at Love Field are being reminded about the city’s strict watering restrictions after an embarassing incident at the airport earlier this week.  Mike Pullin of Fort Worth was surprised late Monday morning when he was taking a friend to the airport and saw sprinklers going full blast.  He took a couple pictures and the issue was brought to the attention of officials at Love Field.  Pullin says the sprinklers were on after 10AM, and ran for at least 30 minutes into the restricted watering times.  Such a violation carries a fine of up to $2,500.

Officials at Love Field are apologising for the oversight.  The following is a statement from Dan Weber with the airport sent to KRLD News:

The Department of Aviation is very aware of our code and ordinance requirements, and we have internal procedures for our employees to follow that are intended to ensure our compliance.  When this incident was brought to our attention we investigated and found that a worker had turned the sprinkler on, then went about his duties and lost track of time, resulting in the sprinkler remaining on beyond the timeframes allowed. 

In response to this incident, we have re-emphasized to need to operate our irrigation systems in compliance with all ordinances and reinforced our internal operating procedures with our  employees.  We regret that this incident occurred but we believe our response is appropriate to prevent a recurrence.

Here are the pictures taken by Mr. Pullin:

lovefield1 Love Field Sorry For Breaking City Watering Rules lovefield2 Love Field Sorry For Breaking City Watering Rules