A Euless softball complex is catching some flak in Washington. Softball World is on the list of taxpayer-funded projects considered boondoggles by two Republican Senators who released a 74-page study of programs touted by supporters of the Obama administration’s 800-billion-dollar economic stimulus plan. Oklahoma’s Tom Coburn and Arizona’s John McCain cite 100 cases where they believe the programs were “wasteful” or “mis-managed.”  One of them is Softball World which applied for and received a half-million dollars to upgrade the lighting on four of its ten diamonds. The U-S Energy Department claims that money will save or create precisely 2-point-8 jobs. The Euless city manager says he can’t say how accurate that might turn out to be. A couple of other Texas programs made the list, including a 200-thousand dollar grant to UT-Dallas and Rice University to study the public perception of the stimulus program.