Pastor Joel Miller of the Summit church says he has not eaten since Tuesday, living on water alone.  His goal is to collect 60,000 pieces of clothing and school supplies for under privileged area children.   To make matters harder, Miller is living on top of a trailer in an I-Hop parking lot on I-75 in Allen.   “I am struggling because it is bona-fide, certified hot.”
He says donations are coming in slowly as he tries to get the word out and says people can come to him or can donate online at
Miller says his church is also giving away a new Dodge Caliber to a family in need. He says he can see the light at the end of the tunnel.   “I’m believing by the 25th I’m going to put some food in my mouth, at least some juice, and have a victory dance.”
Miller is no stranger to hunger strikes.  Last November he didn’t eat for 18 days to collect food for food banks.