Here’s what you missed today on the Jay Mcfarland show.

The Dallas Morning News reported today that Governor Rick Perry has called on Bill White to apologize for comments he made to an audience recently claiming he wanted to be a “servant” leader and Perry wanted to be “treated as master.” Do you think his comments were racially charged? Jay took your calls in the first hour.

Is jailbreaking your iPhone illegal like pirating music or movies online?

Eyewitness reports from the JetBlue flight last week where flight attendant Steven Slater abandoned the flight are conflicting with what Slater himself has said about the incident.

Recent investigations into acceleration and brake problems in accidents by NASA and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are reporting that they aren’t sure if problems are technical, software, or simply human error though Toyota and many people have been quick to throw them under the bus. From the AP.

Also, check out our interviews from today with Mike Foster from Gulf Shores Orange Beach Tourism, as well as Captain Louis Skrmetta from Ship Island Excursions in Gulfport, Mississippi and the President of Mississippi Gulf Coasts Attraction Association.