Texas Senator Weighs In On Mosque Near Ground Zero

Texas senator John Cornyn says the political fallout from the proposed mosque near ground zero in New York will play a big role in the upcoming fall elections.
Cornyn, who is in charge of republican U.S. Senate campaigns, tells Fox News Sunday the issue will be prominent this fall now that President Obama has weighed in on the proposed mosque and community center near the site of the 9/11 attacks.
On Friday, President Obama stepped into the controversy swirling around the proposed mosque and community center, saying Muslims have the right to build a place of worship and a community center on private property in Lower Manhattan.  But, he later appeared to backtrack, saying Saturday he was not commenting on “the wisdom of making the decision to put a mosque there.”  Cornyn says it is unwise to build a mosque near where 3 thousand people died in a terrorist attack.


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  1. J Walker says:

    Absolute Not.

  2. Pam says:

    Emphatically NO!!

  3. D Walker says:

    No. It would not be appropriate to have a mosque built at ground zero. It would show a major disregard to American’s who died there. Pick a different spot…. not ground zero.

    1. Will says:

      Although I doubt you will understand why, I am saddened that you and so many others are giving into exactly what the 9/11 terrorists wanted. Of course the easy response to a Muslim center being built near zero is “no.” Yet, the 9/11 terrorists predicted and banked on the fact that people like you would respond in this very way. It’s as if the hell-bound 9/11 terrorists were actually smarter than we. If you can’t figure it out, then there’s no point.

  4. Dawn says:

    NOOOO! This is an issue of respect for those Americans that were murdered and sensitivity towards the families of the dead. This was a direct attack on Americans by Muslim terrorists. If the Muslim community had any respect at all for American citizens this would not be an issue. I feel this is a slap in the face to Americans from the Muslim community.

    1. Will says:

      You are confusing the real Muslim religion for what a minority of disillusioned irrational individuals are telling you/us. What you and most others on this board are stating in your replies are exactly what terrorists are doing: practicing prejudiced behavior in their dispicable acts of terror. You’re letting the awful acts of a relatively VERY small group of individuals define the Muslim religion. What about the majority of practicing Muslims in the millions and millions who are peaceful, loving, tolerant, and respectful of others…including Americans…which is the essence of real Muslim religion? Therefore, if you’re so against Muslims due to the acts on 9/11/2001, then why aren’t you condemning Christianity after Christopher McVie, a self-proclaimed devoted Christian, blew up the Oklahoma City Murrah Federal Building in the name of God? Because McVie, like the 9/11 terrorists, do not accurately represent their respective religions. Come on Dawn, you’re smarter than this.

  5. Haseeb Akhtar says:

    Absolute Yes.

  6. Mike says:

    Freedom of anythikng according to the constitution, OK. But not people from the Middle East who cheered and jumped up and down on TV the day of 9/11, regardless of religion or race. not those idiots. Why not just erect a statue os Sadam at Ground Zero.

  7. JAWAD M JAWAD says:


    1. Will says:

      Mr. Jawad’s rationale could not be more correct. Yet, rational thinking and the KRLD listeners apparently do not co-exist.

      “Hell no, we don’t want no terrorist mosque built by ground zero! That’s disrespecting the 9/11 victims and survivors! And, we’ll just have more terrorists in New York City!!!”

      READ BETWEEN THE LINES, PEOPLE!!! The Muslim center in question to be built in Lower Manhattan is about a religion paying homage to the innocent victims of 9/11 and clearing the air about the vast misconceptions of the Muslim religion which is peaceful, tolerant, loving, and generous. No one knew that, did you? Unfortunately, small-minded individuals (like most on this board) are allowing a relatively minute group of terrorists to solely define the Muslim religion for them instead of learning about it yourselves. Have you ever attended a Muslim service? Have you ever researched the religion? Have you ever met and gotten to know anyone Muslim? And, have you ever read through the Koran? Everything I have come to know about Muslims and their religion is respect, generosity, honesty, and humility. I am a Christian, but out of respect and curiosity for such a religion that is at the center of so much controversy, I have almost finished reading the Koran…and no where in this book or anywhere else have I found the Muslim religion to represent anything remotely violent or cruel as these “Muslim extremist” terrorists displayed on 9/11 and anywhere else throughout the world. You want to fight terrorism? Then learn, understand, and tolerate the actual Muslim religion that has absolutely nothing to do with terrorism. Therefore, we should right the wrong by allowing a mosque to be built in the area that terrorists cruely misconstrued and misinterpreted a respectful peace-loving religion such as the Muslim religion into a vehicle of brutality.

      1. David Yocum says:

        yea right… islam being a peaceful religion. Whatever!

  8. Max Winebrinner says:

    We need to leave politics out of this issue, this is not a local issue as described, do you seriously think all the people in the Trade Center and aboard the 2 aircraft were New Yorkers, No, they were people from all over the world, of all religions and thoughts, this is a World issue, to think a responsible church of any religion would go to so much trouble to hide the facts from the world just shouts out it is another attack on free peoples everywhere. Isn’t it silly that the man putting up the millions was a penniless waiter in 2006..? Free peoples everywhere in the world should be speaking out on this issue, everyone who lost a family member, or a friend to this senseless and dastardly attack on a free society in the name of Islam, should be screaming their guts out to prevent such a thing to happen.. I mean how about s Shintu Shrine on the Arizona memorial at Pearl Harbor, a Nazi Shrine on any of the WWII concentration camps in Germany, or on the site where Israli athletes were killed at the olympics, the world would be up in arms, so why not in New York City..? Wo is surprised that a Socialiist president would make such remarks, it certainly doesn’t surprise me… All Americans and Free peoples of the world should bond together on this issue, it’s not a mosk they want to build, it a shrine to terrorists, no more no less……..

    1. susan says:

      This is not a shrine – but a place of whorship!

  9. Will says:

    Although a large majority of the KRLD audience will obviously be against building the mosque, these are the same people who staunchly defend the right to bare arms. If that’s the case, then we should equally support and defend freedom of religion. Because, that’s all this is…freedom of religion. Any relevance of this Muslim center’s proximity to such a disgusting act of terrorism is 100% completely irrelevent. What most of you aren’t even willing to realize is that the building of this Muslim center is largely out of respect for the innocent American victims of 9/11 with numerous tributes and dedications to these people…which is in the spirit of the Muslim religion. Also, the center hopes to exist for correcting it’s tainted image bestowed by terrorists who are in no way Muslims themselves…although, they’d like you to think they were. Unfortunately, most Americans believe the 9/11 terrorists, who were self-proclaimed “Muslim” extremists, as the very example of the Muslim religion. Just like Christianity and Buddhism, the Muslim religion is a peaceful religion of humility, tolerance, peace, and harmony. White self-proclaimed “Christians doing God’s work” who burn down ethnic churches does not mean that we must condemn Christianity, nor does the Catholic priest pedophile mean that Christianity is bad. The exact same rationale exists regarding the 9/11 terrorists who dispicably misused their religion as a violent tool. Just like Catholic pedophiles and Christian church burners, the 9/11 terrorists do not indict the Muslim religion. Don’t you all see? The very fact that any American is against such a Muslim center being built near ground zero is not only exactly what the Taliban and other anti-American terrorists groups want for our country…which is religious infighting among ourselves, but most importantly…any American against this Muslim center are single-handedly allowing the 9/11 terrorists to get EXACTLY what they wanted: for America to fear, hate, and wage war against the Muslim religion and its followers as a terrorist-dominated belief system against America, liberty, and freedom. Instead of simply acting like robots in agreeing with our politicians who answer to special interest groups and others who line their pockets, let’s use our own rationally thinking minds in realizing that the actions of a relatively very small group of disillusioned psychotic individuals throughout time have attempted to define what is actually a completely peace-loving and tolerant religion. Please, do not knee-jerk this issue into thinking that terrorism is Muslim and Muslim is terrorism. Frankly, the most respect we could ever show our blessed victims of the 9/11 attacks is for the real Muslim religion to show it’s true colors by paying homage to the victims of 9/11 in the form of building this center. Otherwise, preventing the building of this Muslim center in Lower Manhattan means that the 9/11 terrorists got exactly what they ultimately wanted—-they won. Let’s do the intelligent thing, America! Instead of simply responding to our anger from that fateful day almost ten years ago. We are better than these terrorists and this is why.

  10. tim says:

    nah, I think it would be a bad idea to build a mosque
    near there, I think they should instead build it in IRAN….
    and then all of them move there…

  11. Bob says:

    From June-08 through May 09 I worked for the Defense Department in Iraq–with a 3-week assignment to Afghanistan. Further, I passed though Kuwait processing into and out of Iraq. The majority of Iraqis, and a few Afghanis, I worked alongside with expressed their horror an indignation of the Wor5ld Trade Center bombing. At the same time they also commented how they wished the leaders of their faith had spoken out against the bombing. History is filled with examples of religious fanatics slaughtering perceived enemies in the name of their beliefs.

    In America, the Klu Klux Klan, Skinheads, and Neo Nazis spew their vitriol and diatribe against Jews, Catholics, and gays. Yet, I seldom hear of a Protestant minister speaking out against them.

    I wonder if our government officials–speaking out against the mosque in question–have observed how many Japanese car dealers are now operating in the Honolulu area?

  12. Brian Mosier says:

    This is not a federal issue. This is not a state issue. If the city of New York issues the owners of the mosque a building permit, then they are free to build what they want.

  13. susan says:

    I think when we get angry as in the case of 911, we sometimes for get the foundation upon which this great nation was built – freedom of oppression, freedom of religion, freedom of speech – are we seeing a pattern here.

    Freedom is what this great country was built upon and allowing Muslims do have a right to build their mosque on private property.

    Now that being said, I believe it is not only appropriate they build on that site, but these land owners should build on this site. I will show their radical brothern who caused such destruction on OUR soil that AMERICANS of all faith are accepted here. So my answer is YES!

  14. Ed Michael says:

    It seems to me that this is an emotional, two-pronged situation. Most certainly, the Muslims, Jews, Christians, and any other religious group has “The Right” to practice its faith, beliefs, build edifices, etc.anywhere in America. But because of 9-11, Ground Zero has become “sacred space” for ALL of America. Although Muslims no doubt mean well by this proposal, this action seems to be unwise and insensitive for them, or for any other specific religious group, to be contemplating to do at/near this “sacred location.” It would be more appropos for an Ecumenical/Inter-Faith Shrine/ Chapel for meditation/prayer, open to ALL People, and People of All Faiths, to be built at/near Ground Zero. Something to be built akin to “Thanksgiving Square” in downtown Dallas, TX would be a wiser, more sensitive, and more appropiate decison to be considered, and hopefully, the leadership of New York City would consider such a proposal. Voluntary contributions for the costs involved could come from all people: Muslims, Jews, Christians, all religious and ethnic groups alike.

  15. David Yocum says:

    While I do agree that we have the freedom of religion purchased for us by our founding fathers, I believe that this particular area and its surroundings should be designated as holy grounds and that should be treated with the same respect as a cemetery and as a living memorial to all that perished and how all of our lives have been changed due to the 9/11 tragedy. Just as cemeteries, memorials, burial grounds have building restrictions, so should be ground zero and no religious establishment should be allowed within that perimeter

  16. Don King says:

    This reminds me of how Japanese, citizens of this country, were treated just after the outbreak of WW II. Therory was that because one Jap was bad, they were all bad. As a result, they were all rounded up and placed in detention camps. The Muslims are likewise being treated with one wide brush stroke, i.e. a few are bad so therefore all are bad. Not to mention that freedom of religion guaranteed by the first amendment is a right of all Americans.

  17. Majestic Purple Heron says:

    It would be absolutely appropriate to have a mosque on private land anywhere is the USA. Islam did not attack the world trade center. Radical Islamic terrorists attacked the world trade center. If we are going to condemn any religion affiliated with radical extremists then we would have to condemn Christianity as well. And no Christian churches should be allowed within miles of the Oklahoma Federal Building bombing site. But again, sensible people understand that Christianity did not attack the Oklahoma Federal building, Radical Christian terrorists did. And Islam did not attack the world trade center, radical islamic terrorists did. Until this country can replace the will to ignorance with a will to truth, racism, non-acceptance, and ignorance will prevail.

  18. D Cantrell says:

    No that is just wrong

  19. K. McWilliams says:

    It would become a flashpoint for more emotional reactions from people. If they truly wanted to show respect and a desire to peacefully co-exist they would not insist on locating the mosque there. It shows no sensitivity to the community and to America in general. Why do we always have to bend to their desires, right or wrong, to show that we are not prejudiced. How about a little understanding of our feelings from the Muslim community?

  20. Don says:

    I have read all of the post, below, and want to put my 2 cents worth in.
    I am all for religious freedom but let’s be real here. The main man behind this building appeared to somewhat support the 9-11 attack and has ties to some of these extremeists. Now there are just some things that ain’t right, building this mosque that close to the center is one of them just as the Catholics abandoned a similar idea abroad. Its just not morally right.
    Thank God for the fact that there is a small minority of Muslims that fit in the category of radical extremists, there are so many of them. Do we profile muslims, to some extent we all do. What are your thoughts, being real, when you board a plane and another passenger appears to be a muslim? Is that right, of course not but its human instinct. We all know that most muslims are not terrorists but we also know that the majority of terrorists are muslims and that lies in the back of our minds constantly. We hear about these problems on a daily basis but yet we don’t hear much from the muslim community condemming these acts nor do we hear much from them in attempting to weed out these radicals from their community. Are there radicals in all societies, you bet, but for the most part the communities get together to allieviate the problem. Do the muslims deserve religious freedom, you bet they do and for one I would and have fought for the freedoms we enjoy in the United States. We must, however, stand up for other freedoms that may conflict with religious ones, such as we don’t condone honor killings which is acceptable in some parts of the world. We believe that every man, woman and child in the United States, and that includes our muslim friends, has the right to live in harmony with all and have the expectation of living without the fear of some terrorist attack.
    Do they have the right to build this mosque, of course they do, but should they? One could certainly ask that knowing the vast amout of folks that are seriously against it, and remembering that there are radicals in all cultures, wouldn’t it be unwise and unsafe to continue with this plan?

  21. Dan R says:

    First, the mosque would be near ground zero, not at ground zero.

    Wouldn’t it be good to first get rid of the strip clubs which are closer to ground zero? What about the off track betting clubs?

    Do people realize you can’t even see ground zero from where this mosque it to be built?

  22. L. Idlebird says:

    Define backtracking! President Obama DID NOT backtrack, he expounded on the same opinion that he stated previously (that Muslims have a right to build the mosque based on the Constitution’s “freedom of religion.)” More importantly: who sold the land on which the mosque is to be built? You all cry for capitalism; here it is in its most insidious form!

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