A former Dallas cop sacked two years ago for lying about a shooting is now in jail for a violent domestic assault. Late Sunday night, police found a woman with a black eye and bleeding profusely from a gash in her head while sitting on the curb near Greenville and Lovers Lane. She said her boyfriend, ex-Dallas policeman Andrew Cortes, beat her badly after a night of drinking. On their way home, she said Cortes flew into a rage and repeated struck her. When he stopped the car, she tried to run but witnesses say Cortes tried to drag her back the vehicle. A police report quotes Cortes as saying he had punched the woman in the face. Two years ago, Cortes was fired by then-Police Chief David Kunkle who determined Cortes had lied when he said he fired his pistol to stop a fleeing vehicle. Turned out the vehicle had already stopped when Cortes opened fire.