The fence is still a mangled mess at Dallas Love Field this morning. A man in a stolen pick-up crashed through a gate, breaching security at the airport as he drove right out onto the tarmac Thursday. This came at the end of an hour-long pursuit that began with a carjacking in Fort Worth on Wednesday. An undercover Dallas officer spotted the stolen truck Thursday afternoon, beginning a sometimes slow-speed chase that wound around Dallas but ended up at Love Field where afternoon traffic briefly hemmed the pick-up in. But Dallas police intentionally gave the man an escape route because they feared he would open fire in the midst of civilians who were also stuck in the traffic jam. The silver pick-up then crashed the gate and drove out onto a runway. Police then surrounded the truck and then the man gave up without further resistance. Overnight, just past midnight, Michael Browne was escorted, in handcuffs to the Dallas County Jail after spending several hours at the hospital because he was complaining of chest pains.