A Possible Solution for Islamic Center Controversy (Audio)

cordoba center A Possible Solution for Islamic Center Controversy (Audio)As you know, I’m not an ideological kind of guy.  I just want to find solutions to problems in a common sense way.  In that spirit, a libertarian friend of mine came up with an idea for ending the “Ground Zero Mosque Standoff” that I think makes incredible sense.

Since there seems to be no legal way to keep the developers from going ahead with their plans, my friend suggested those opposed to it simply hold a fundraiser then buy the land from the Imam.

Polls show an overwhelming majority oppose the project, so I’m guessing it should be possible to get 200 million people to each give $5.  That’s a billion dollars. There’s no way the developers would say “no” to that, right?  So, it seems capitalism could save the day here.I talked about it on the radio show.  Listen:

Of course, I’m interested in all perspectives.  Earlier in the week, I spoke with Michael Smith at the conservative Heritage Alliance.  Listen:

I also had a chat with Democratic Strategist and blogger Harold Cook.  Check that out here:

Thoughts?  The comments section is all yours.

Scott Braddock


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  1. Michael Smith says:

    My misgivings about the New York mosque’s backers appear valid. Here’s a preview of some audio tapes of the imam-in-charge espousing views that would make the Blind Sheik blush:


    Scott, your post suggested that concerned Americans put their money where their mouth is. But we didn’t start this battle. Instead, I think our president and Congress should suspend fighter-jet sales to Saudi Arabia until the funding for this mosque dries up.

  2. LL says:

    How were they able to buy that land in the first place???
    If we the people cant get it bought back, then buy the land on all the sides of it and put in a strip joint, gay bar etc. to keep them company!!

  3. KellerDave says:

    And dont forget the pork processing plant!

  4. BL says:

    You are right. They have the right to build it. It is obvious to me that they are rubbing our noses in it. But that is their right and we have the OBLIGATION to defend it.

    You are wrong. They have the OBLIGATION to respect what is a highly charged and emotional debate for many Americans, myself included. An attack on American soil, the loss of life, the inability to understand what religion allows this to happen, is highly emotional. They do have alternatives and they should understand the need to exercise them.

    I hear nothing from Islamic leaders consistently condemning radical Islamic teachings. This should be a consistent drumbeat. I would be appreciative of any examples that you may have over time. The “good” Islamic leaders seem very quiet and weak.

    They apparently have the right to fan the flames of hatred in their places of worship. What would be your thoughts if that became an ordinary part of the mainstream Christian religion, including your church? I’m guessing you would say that is inappropriate. I would agree with you. But we have a double standard here. Isn’t inciting a riot against the law? Or advocating the overthrow of our government?

    It is difficult to understand why they are so successful in recruiting those willing to give their life for their religion, such as women and children. It is difficult to understand how that would be tolerated by mainstream Islamic clerics. Again, I hear nothing.

    The Islamic religion is something I do not understand. I suspect you do not as well. It seems to be tolerant of a senseless attack on the America that I know and grew up in. And we seem tolerant of it.

    It is just plain difficult to stand by and see their rights defended when they seem to be trampling on ours with their teachings and actions.

    Will you be hosting the $5 drive? I will give $50.

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