As kids head back to school, KRLD is taking an in-depth look at bullies.

As kids all over north Texas head back to school this week, we’re taking an in-depth look at the problem of bullying.
KRLD’s Scott Braddock has part-one of our special report:

Bullying in 2010 can make everything from a child’s classroom to their computer seem like enemy territory.  But what kind of kid gains satisfaction from terrorizing another?
KRLD’s Bonnie Petrie has part-two of our special report:

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Is there a difference between being teased and being bullied?
KRLD’s Phyllis Smith has the story of one North Texas student in part three of our special report:

Some children choose to end their torment at the hands of bullies by ending their lives.  It’s become so common there is now a word to describe it.  Bullycide.  Over the last year, bullying was cited as contributing to the suicides of three North Texas boys.  One of them was 9-year-old Montana Lance, who died in January at Stewert Creek Elementary in The Colony.

KRLD’s Bonnie Petrie sat down with Montana’s parents, Debbie and Jason Lance, to talk about their child’s too-short life and lonely death in part-four of our special report:

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