A man who says he had his head slammed into a wall by a police officer could see a big payday from the city of Fort Worth. A judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by Carey Hudson last week, and now the council has to decide how they want to handle the 40 year-old’s claim.  Hudson says he was the victim of police brutality that was caught on tape in 2008 inside the police station in downtown Fort Worth.  Hudson’s lawsuit claimed officer Collin Harris slammed his head into a wall and the floor after he was handcuffed and brought into the station after his arrest on suspicion of drunk driving.  That charge was later dropped, and Fort Worth mayor Mike Moncrief tells the Star-Telegram the police department has taken steps to ensure something like this doesn’t happen again.  The lawsuit claims the officer kept him from getting medical attention for the injuries he suffered not once, but twice.  The city previously offered Hudson 120 thousand dollars. 

To see the video obtained by the Star-Telegram, click here.