katrina 4 KRLD Remembers Hurricane Katrina (Audio)This weekend marks the 5th anniversary of the landfall of the devastating storm named Hurricane Katrina.  On tonight’s show,  I decided to spend the first hour looking back on a story that changed the lives of so many Louisiana natives and newly minted Texans. 

 KRLD Remembers Hurricane Katrina (Audio)In the first segment, KRLD’s Matt Thomas talks about covering the storm as it rolled into New Orleans.  Matt and I both worked at KTRH in Houston at the time.  I was reporting on the evacuees in Southeast Texas while he rode out the storm and reported on its immediate aftermath.  Listen:

spotts family KRLD Remembers Hurricane Katrina (Audio)CBS News Correspondent August Skamenca spoke with a family who made their way to Houston after the storm.   Mother Tisha Spotts and her four children spent three nights in New Orleans’ Charles J. Colton Junior High School after floodwater inundated their Ninth Ward home.  Spotts says she’d never stolen anything before in her life, but was forced to take food from nearby stores to ensure her children had something to eat.  Listen:

While that woman and others were “stealing” things to survive, orders had gone out to New Orleans police officers to shoot looters on site.  A.C Thompson from Propublica joined me to talk about that aspect of the story:

On today’s Ernie Brown Show, Ernie and I talked at length about the people who came to Texas to flee the storm and ended up finding a new life in the Great State:

And, to end on a positive note, KRLD’s LP Phillips has a story of love that was made possible by the devastating storm:

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Scott Braddock