Dallas Baptist Minister: Islam is "Evil" (Audio)

Pastor Robert Jeffress has upset a lot of people upset by saying that Islam is an “evil, evil religion.”   

Tonight on the show, Dr. Jeffress joined me to talk about his comments and our listeners weighed in as well.  Listen here:

You can seen the pastor’s original comments below:

Your thoughts are welcome in the comments section.

Scott Braddock


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  1. Vivian P. says:

    I’m not hearing about the Muslims in the buildings killed on 9/11 I’m not hearing about the strip joints, etc., that are in the same area as the center site. I’m not hearing that the center is not really a mosque but more of a community ctr and does have a prayer room in it. Also haven’t heard that there are Ministers and Rabbi’s on the Board. That Imam has been in the mid east spreading the word about the religious freedom allowed in the US. If we start crucifying one group, which group will be next??

  2. Mary says:

    1. I don’t recall Muslims being upset in any way or reaching out to others after 911.
    2. No laws to protect because it has never happened. Seems to me to demonstrate how to use our freedoms against us.

  3. Jeffress says that Islam promotes violence, oppression of women, and pedophilia. Those particular claims are difficult to deny…

  4. murphy says:

    You are an evil evil man, Jeffress. No Muslims I know are having sex with 4 yrs olds. You have no proof of that. But there are hundreds of abusive priests, no?

    1. @murphy – Muhammad is the example by which all Muslim men strive to live. Muhammad married Aisha when she was less than 10 years old. Abusive preists are not mirroring Jesus, but pedophile Muslims are following Muhammad’s precedent.

    2. celtcalgal says:

      NO MUSLIMS YOU KNOW, the koran says that from DAY ONE females can be abused sexually,check it out bimbo

  5. Michael says:

    Might want to swept out your own area , Jimmy Swaggart, Tammy Fay,Robert Tilton,and many more that just squander peoples money , and line there own pockets in the Christianity.

    Maybe if you read the bible ,and educate yourself, before you condemn others, you might be more of a real christian , instead for right/wing judgmental hate monger..


    1. @Michael – And you may want to read the Koran and Hadith and educate yourself on Islam before condemning people as “right/wing judgmental hate mongers.”

  6. Akef Tayem says:

    I am a Palestinian Arab Muslim who converted to Christianity over thirty years ago. I know all about hatred, incitement and indoctrination. It is a way of life with Islamists.
    Take this as an example; I grew up believing (as Muslims do) that I should not believe anything Christians say about Jesus in the New Testament because the original ‘gospel’ given to Jesus by Allah (Qur’an 5:46) was lost… Simply vanished. How can that be? A book given by Allah to Jesus, that no one else references except the Qur’an vanishes when books written millenia earlier (Socrates, Herodotus, Buddha) etc are with us today.
    To add insult to injury this very explanation contradicts another verse in the Qur’an that says ( We protect all inspiration that we give to the prophets) go figure!!!!

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