Would You Pay to Drive Solo in HOV Lane? (Audio)

hov lanes Would You Pay to Drive Solo in HOV Lane? (Audio)DART, just like everyone else, is cash-strapped and is looking for new sources of revenue.  One of the ideas:  Allow solo drivers to drive in HOV lanes for a price

Tonight on the show, most of our listeners didn’t like that idea at all.  Listen to the audio and feel free to share your own thoughts in the comments section below:

Scott Braddock


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  1. Dawn says:

    We already paid for the roads. The HOV lanes dont work, and now this?

  2. GameFreak says:

    People already drive solo, for free, in the HOV on Central through Plano..
    I see several every day as I am sitting in the backed up traffic because I refuse to break the law.
    I’d pay a small fee to drive solo in it, only if they put an entrance just South of 190.

  3. Will says:

    The HOV lanes produce more smog and pollution. Knock down the damn pylons and let traffic flow in all, hold on ready for it……5 lanes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes that is right!!! We would gain an extra lane……..in both directions!!!!! And the best news is the car poolers can use any one of the 5 lanes…..even switch lanes as often as they like. Problem Solved!

  4. Iluvdausa says:

    Are you kidding? Really? Pay to drive solo? If you think you’ve got a problem now, wait till every solo driver moves over to the HOV lane. But wait, haven’t the tax payers already paid for this road? Why are we allowing TXDOT or anyone to get away with this. Make TXDOT repay the tax money they used to build the roads, then maybe the tax payers will think about letting them charge for driving on the ‘public’ roads.

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