Weather radars were flashing like pinball machine across North Texas this morning as a line of heavy thunderstorms rocked through Dallas-Fort Worth before dawn.  Power was knocked out in many neighborhoods, hundreds of lightning strikes were recorded. A cell came through the mid-cities around 4 a.m. dropping rain at the rate of about three inches-an-hour, causing high water on many streets across Tarrant and Dallas  counties. The storms were accompanied by high winds but, so far, there are no reports of damage from this morning’s storms. However, last night an earlier line of heavy weather rolled through the area, leaving behind quite a mess in Ellis County. Around 8 p.m. Wednesday, ferocious winds ripped a path along Highway 287 in Reagor Springs between Ennis and Waxahachie. Several sheds were flipped completely upside down and some landed on vehicles parked in a used car lot. A Hummer, with a 50-thousand dollar price tag, was heavily damaged as was a pick-up parked at a nearby bar-be-cue restaurant where several dozen customers hunkered down until the winds died out.