More Improper Scholarships Reported

The Dallas Morning News reports in its Saturday edition that her relatives weren’t the only ineligible recipients Dallas Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson chose for scholarships paid for by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation.The newspaper says its review of the scholarships shows at least five other college students who got the awards even though they don’t live in Johnson’s district or in that of any other caucus member.  That is one of the requirements listed by the foundation.

The Morning News had already reported that she awarded at least 23 scholarships in the last five years to two of her grandsons, two great-nephews, and two children of her top aide.

Listen to the interview with Rep. Johnson as she explains her position on KRLD

Source: Dallas Morning News

  • oldman68

    and the beat goes on with her-some more stuff she didn’t know about-didn’t read about-and some dam#$@ ex employee is trying to smear her reputation with.What reputation?

    • 2Pam

      She clearly has a TEFLON reputation, at least with many voters in her district. It has been very obvious that Congresswoman Johnson is honesty-challenged ever since the Clinton days, when she adamantly insisted on KRLD that she “could not vote to impeach (him)” because he hadn’t lied! (?)

      During the recent health care debate she again was featured on KRLD but refused to take any calls from constituents on the air. When asked by the host why the House was rushing the bill, she again adamantly insisted that “there (was) no rush.” Pardon me?

      Yet we still re-elect her year after year. Her ethical problems are obvious. What are ours? If we still elect her again after all of this, we are the pathetic ones, not she.

  • MG

    What do you expect from the black criminal culture?

  • Sgt.Dread

    She’s still here because………..idiots refuse to believe that EBJ Does not represent their interests,EBJ is only interesred in the power and prestige that the office brings………………nothing more,not my interests,not your interests !

  • Richard Wheeler

    I live in Eddie Bernice Johnson’s district. I will be very surprised if she is not re-elected. People in this district do not have any idea what is going on. They will vote for anyone with a (D) in front of the name on a ballot. They would vote for the devil if he were a democrat. I have talked to many of my neighbors, both black and white and none of them has any idea about the scandal. The only thing they are concerned about is that she is a democrat.

    • LL

      Yep, and thats one reason our country is in the shape its in!! Need to drop the “party” title and for sure get TERM LIMITS!!!!

  • Ashley

    This lady is a lying crook. Other kids are clearly deserving of these scholarships, yet she chooses her family and friends. Shame shame shame…

  • LL

    Whats to explain-she is a crook!! And anyone else would go to jail!!!!

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