General: Quran Burning Could Endanger Troops (Audio)

davidpetraeus3 General:  Quran Burning Could Endanger Troops (Audio)The top U.S. commander in Afghanistan says that the plan by a church in Florida to burn the Islamic holy book on September 11th could be used by the Taliban as a propaganda tool.

Gen. David Petraeus told the Wall Street Journal that “It could endanger troops and it could endanger the overall effort.  It is precisely the kind of action the Taliban uses and could cause significant problems. Not just here, but everywhere in the world we are engaged with the Islamic community.”

I spoke with 2 Star Army General, Ret., Bill McClain.  Listen and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Scott Braddock


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  1. Mary says:

    We are in danger of sharia law being implemented in courts across this country, where are you getting your information? Oklahoma is having a ballot referendum to ban sharia law. Yes, I’m ok with burning the q’uran on 911. I think I will participate by making an image of mohammad and putting it in urine, creating a play or musical depicting Mohammed as a homosexual or some other pervert, etc. God Bless America !

    1. Nurse says:

      Mary I am praying that God will forgive you for what you wrote. I am sending a prayer that love not hate will fill your life. I forgive my enemies and I hope you find forgiveness too in your heart.

  2. john not juan from grand prairie says:

    you go Mary! I think I’m going to burn my copy that I had been
    using as a booster seat. We should make this a tradition.

    1. Nurse says:

      God is love.

  3. Robert says:

    we’re just burning qurans, your over there killing….enough said

  4. Robert says:

    bring them to me,,,i’ll burn them at my house 610 East avenue F, midlothian, texas…..2143996025

  5. Bob says:

    To our brave soldiers risking their lives to win the hearts and minds and better the lives of the muslim people in Iraq and Afghanistan, I want to apologize for the misguided and misplaced hatred shown by the few.

  6. Ana says:

    How would you feel if Muslims or followers of other religions burned your holy book? Don’t you think burning any holy book is disrespectful and sends a message of intolerance. Isn’t the core principle of any religion to live a life of good deeds and treat your fellow man with respect?

    1. Don says:

      There are countries where our Bible is not allowed. Why is the most powerful country in the world expected to lay down & let muslims do what they want? Of all the places in New York, why build their temple at ground zero? muslims danced in the streets with joy & laughter 9-11-01; but the U.S. isn’t supposed to do anything that might upset the “muslim community”, because it might make them mad & the lunatics might launch attacks? Once again, this administration is bowing down & giving in to terrorism. Muslims & others yell “death to the U.S., they spit on & burn our flag, & people call it “freedom of speech”. How many muslims are frantic over the notion that if they burn the American flag, the U.S. will retaliate? Not a one! But because a church in Fla. wants to make a stand & say enough is enough, they are the ones who are wrong? I just call it “freedom of speech”!!!

  7. David Yocum says:

    I’m so sick to death about bending backwards, being politically correct, showing tolerance and in the end getting screwed by radical Islam; while it’s perfectly okay for them being the opposite and yet our soldiers are fighting for THEM not for US.

    Every “Death to America” chants, every US flag burnings, every soldier killed, every contractor or Aide volunteers that were tortured and beheaded and every reminder of 9/11 fills me with hate and disgust. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

    I’m not encouraging anyone, just expressing my sentiments on the subject; but I will join the preacher and burn one or a few Qurans myself and even take a few to the shooting range.

  8. Nurse says:

    I think the burning of any religious book is horrible beyond belief. God is going to punish those who do acts like this in his name. I spoke to God last night and he told me he’s very angry at all the religious freaks who do such horrible things in his name.

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