Florida Pastor: We're 'still determined' to burn Qurans

100907 terry jones hmed 2p grid 6x2 Florida Pastor: We're 'still determined' to burn QuransThe leader of a small Florida church that espouses anti-Islam philosophy said Wednesday he was determined to go through with his plan to burn copies of the Quran on Sept. 11, despite pressure from the White House, religious leaders and others to call it off.

“We are still determined to do it, yes,” the Rev. Terry Jones told the CBS Early Show.

Jones says he has received more than 100 death threats and has started wearing a .40-caliber pistol strapped to his hip since announcing his plan to burn the book Muslims consider the word of God and insist be treated with the utmost respect. The 58-year-old minister proclaimed in July that he would stage “International Burn-a-Quran Day.” [pullquote quote=”We are still determined to do it, yes” credit=”Rev. Terry Jones”]

Supporters have been mailing copies of the holy text to his Gainesville church of about 50 followers to be incinerated in a bonfire on Saturday to mark the ninth anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks on New York and Washington.

A member of the church, Fran Ingram, told msnbc.com that they had a “stack of about 150” Qurans sent from across the world. “We are expecting to burn about 200 at least,” she said.

“I think we should go ahead personally,” Ingram added. “That’s what I think. I stand with the pastors. We need to go ahead with it.”

However, asked about how she would feel if the church decided to abandon the event, she told msnbc.com: “I would be in agreement … not like a puppet on a string … I believe in the word of God. We are hearing what God wants us to do.”

On Wednesday, Mr. Jones — currently the subject of 4,102 news stories linked to by Google News — told the world that he would press ahead with the publicity stunt he announced in July. *See the Youtube video below.

Source: MSNBC, AP, CBS Early Show, Youtube


One Comment

  1. Jean says:

    I will loan him a lighter! burn baby burn!!

  2. Melissa says:

    Shameful behavior. Unchristian and just as extreme as the Muslim fundamentalists he is protesting. This is not God’s work!!!

    1. RML says:

      God’s work!? No, Muslim’s are not God’s work. When are people going to stop this peace, love crap for the Muslims? Did they care a damn about Christians on 9/11?

      1. Diane Jones says:

        RML. Being that I am a christian love is not crap to me. God commands us to love everyone including our enemies. However He did not say to love evil but He did say vengeance is His and to be quite honest with you I trust in His vengeance a great deal more then my own because His vengeance is always perfect. 9/11 was an act of evil there is no doubt about that but not every Muslim was to blame on what happened that day. I get very angry about the innocent lives that were taken on 9/11 and there is no excuse for what happened on that horrendous day but burning the Quran is not going to solve anything. To me if they go ahead and burn the Quran they are telling the Muslims that the Quran is actually worth something when in reality it is actually worthless!

  3. Robert Allen says:

    When there is no longer a death sentence for owning a copy of the bible in most islamic countries then maybe I will listen to what muslims have to say. When muslim leaders go to the middle east and face Osama Bin Laden with a copy of the koran and tell to his face that he is wrong, then I will listen. But, not until.

  4. Dan says:

    Do I think this leader of a Christian faith should burn copies of the Quran? No! It is wrong on many levels, but worse, it is not Christ-like behavior. An interesting thing to note, however, is that if a Muslim, in this country, decided to burn a copy of the Bible and put it all over the air waves, would there be such an outcry? I think not.

    The question as to whether this would spark more hatred toward our troops? I don’t think so. We are at war already. Radical behavior, in my view, won’t change at all! Radicals will be radicals, and pacifists will continue to suffer the consequences!

  5. Diane Jones says:

    I am a conservative christian and I am not in agreement with what this pastor is doing. God makes it very clear in His Word that we are to love all people including our enemies and even those we may perceive as our enemies. This does not mean we have to be in agreement with any particular religion but what this pastor is doing I believe is wrong. This pastor may really have convinced himself that what he is doing is righteous but if he really looks into the Word of God and he searches his heart he may find that what he is doing is not righteous but arrogant and prideful. I do not know this pastor’s heart only God does but I implore you pastor to really look into your heart and pray and fast about this before anymore damage is done. God loves you and he wants only what is best for you and all His people.

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