Should Texas Ban Smoking Statewide? (Audio)

cigarettes Should Texas Ban Smoking Statewide? (Audio)Even though the idea went over like a lead balloon the last time the Texas Legislature was in session, anti-smoking activists are once again pushing for a statewide smoking ban.

Tonight on the show, we heard from both sides.
I spoke with Peggy Venable, Texas Director of Americans for Prosperty, and James Gray with Smoke Free Texas.

Take a listen.  If you have thoughts to share, please do so in the comments section.

Scott Braddock


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  1. Americans4ProspertySuck says:

    I cant believe Peggy said the research is lacking in the area of second hand smoke. she must be the biggest retard in the state.

  2. Tom says:

    Why should I have to sit and inhale some idiot’s second hand smoke? ANYTHING inhaled, first hand, second hand etc. has to be filtered through your lungs, and place a rather large burden on your health. These idiot smokers piss and moan about “their” rights being violated, but have no care or concern for my right to breath smoke free air, and to not reek of smoke. Your rights stop where my rights start!

    1. Nancy says:

      Smokers have rights too! We go outside to smoke so how are you inhaling second hand smoke. Stay inside. Nonsmokers they think they are so rightous anyway.

      1. MItch K says:

        Smokers and other tobacco addicts are mentally ill and otherwise brain-damaged from tobacco addiction. They should be taking their complaints to the TOBACCO PUSHERS that sold the addictive, defective and lethal drug to them in the first place!

        Smoking should be outlawed everywhere, indoors and out. Everyone has a long-standing RIGHT to smoke-free air! Ban smoking NOW, Texas!

  3. Sarah says:

    I totally agree with Tom, and I’m a smoker! I can’t think of one good thing to say about cigarettes: they stink, they’re expensive, they really bother people who don’t smoke, and best of all there’s a good chance they’ll kill ya! I’m trying to quit now, it’s amazing how addictive they are. I wish they’d get rid of them completely, but I understand that would hurt lots of farmers and their families, just wishful thinking.

  4. Diane says:

    No person should have a right that puts another person’s health at risk. I can’t believe Texas can’t get this done! California, Kentucky and plenty of other states have accomplished this and proven that small businesses survive. What makes a smoking ban unfair to small businesses is when it is enacted city by city in a state which enables smokers to take their business to another small business in a neighboring city that has not banned smoking. This needs to be State wide!!!

  5. Jareold says:

    I am ASHAMED to be a Texan! Tobacco-bought-off CREEPS like Rick Perry and other republicons are the main reason we can’t get statewide protection from TOXIC TOBACCO SMOKE. Toxic tobacco smoke kills more than 5,000 Texans every year. This is terrorism and cannot be allowed to continue.


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