crystal football qwcrb025 Greggo and Richie's Crystal Football Picks

Richie and Greggo look deep into their crystal football and decide the winners, losers, studs and duds.  Do the Cowboys go all the way? Or does Greggo think his Jets are worthy of the big win. Fan fans, what do you think of these picks?

NFC East – Richie and Greggo both pick the Jets. Only because it’s Greggo’s fav team. Grrr.

NFC North—Richie picks  Bengals.  Greggo picks Raven.

AFC South—Both pick Indianapolis.

AFC West—Both pick Chargers.

Wild Card– Richie picks Ravens and Patriots.  Greggo picks Dolphins and Houston Texans.

AFC Stud– Richie picks Ryan Mathews.   Greggo picks Darryl Reeves.

AFC Dud—Richie picks Joe Flacco.  Greggo picks T.O.(Ochouno) and Ochocinco.

AFC Crud—Richie picks Mike Tomlin.  Greggo picks Eric Mangini.

AFC Champions—Richie picks Colts.  Greggo picks NY Jets (surprise).

NFC West Champions—both pick the Cardinals.

NFC North—Richie picks Packers.  Greggo picks the Vikings.

NFC South—Richie picks the Falcons.  Greggo picks the Saints.

NFC East—Everyone picks the Cowboys. Duh.

Wild Card—Richie picks the Saints and 49ners.  Greggo picks the Packers and the 49ners.

NFC Stud—Richie picks Dez Bryant.  Greggo picks Brian Orakpo .

NFC Dud—Richie picks Donovan McNabb.  Greggo picks Eli Manning.

NFC Crud—Richie picks Tom Coughlin.  Greggo picks Lovie Smith.

SUPER BOWL PICKS— Richie picks the Cowboys.  Greggo picks the Saints.


According to Richie it goes to the Colts.  Greggo says Jets. And the Fan Fan’s burn Greggo in a riot. Armen thinks Texas Tech is gonna sneak in and win the Super Bowl. Lacey says Cowboys all the way. Keep sipping the kool-aid kids.