G-Bags dancing to "The Claw"

Do “The Claw” – Go Rangers!

  • jonathan

    you guys are turds

  • Samantha

    Do I have to say which one I’m married to…I plead the 5th

    • BigBody

      you like it….hu’R’sh!

  • Mario

    That was awesome G-Bag crew (minus Gregg, lame-ass)!!

  • Tony

    Embarrassingly funny … well, except for Sybil … freakin’ ‘tards … HAHA!!!

  • giles

    The only one that looked good doing that dance was sybil…

  • http://jaggermafia.wordpress.com jaggermafia


  • anand

    I dont get it! I am not cricizing the song but can someone explain the relation between Rangers to the claw to deer. Are we gonna see a deer as a mascot at the BPIA now? The song should be “Get your Shotguns out, GET YOUR SHOTGUNS OUT” and then aim it at our opponents. Now thats true Texas.

    • lp

      the antlers is for speed like a deer. the claw is for power

  • BigBody

    This is hilarious, and that song still sucks!!

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