texas sex1 Texas  DO ing it right!

A study from Men’s Health Magazine ranked the sex lives of American cites based on condom sales, birth rates, sex toy sales, and rates of  STD’s. And happy go Texas checked in 4 times in the top 10 Sex Happy cities. The metroplex earned two spots in the top 10. And everything is bigger in Texas.

According to Men’s Health Magazine, the Texas Sex Happy Cities goes to–

Congrats to Dallas for earning the #2 spot for America’s sexing-most city. Austin beat us by grabbing the #1 spot (crazy college kids and lots of bars to thank for that one.) Arlington keeps the metroplex alive with taking the #7 spot. Houston checks in, earning the 7th spot.

Texas- Your lover and I are very proud of you.. Keep up the good sex work! Unless your only ranking your city in by bringing home the STD’s, then shame on you dirty boy!

See Men’s Health whole Sex Happy City list here.