Was Sports Reporter Sexually Harrassed?

inessainz 132 Was Sports Reporter Sexually Harrassed?Some are saying now that the sports reporter, Ines Sainz, was sexually harrassed in the New York Jets locker room this weekend.

Sainz says that she’s not the one pressing the issue, but she did use her Twitter feed to let her fans know she felt uncomfortable when men in the locker room were saying inappropriate things after a series of cat calls.

[photogallerylink id=13151 align=left]See more photos of Ines Sainz as she reports from sporting events all over the world.

Tonight on the show, I spoke with Sports Media Analyst Chris Begala and our listeners.   Here’s that:

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Scott Braddock

  • David Yocum

    Don’t like it? STAY OUT

  • malcolm

    OMG she is smoking hot! She even said herself it was not that big of a deal…it happens to her all the time. She was the only one to interview T.O. a while back..when he was not talking to reporters…Go figure…

  • http://krld.cbslocal.com/2010/09/15/ines-sainz-new-york-jets-and-the-problem-with-locker-rooms/ Ines Sainz, New York Jets, and the Problem With Locker Rooms « KRLD-AM

    […] Listen to KRLD’s Scott Braddock and Sports Media Analyst Chris Begala with the KRLD listeners. […]

  • LL


  • LL


  • Robert

    she got just what she deserves..

  • David Yocum

    When you dress like that and you’re a HOT BABE… sexual harrasment becomes a COMPLIMENTS, expecially when you’re the cure for E.D,

  • Robert

    she may be cute, but she is far from professional. Any women who goes in a males locker room, then says she’s harrassed, ought to be sued for slander. If i’d been a team member i would have cracked her skull with a beer bottlel in the locker room with me dressing, etc…so she got lucky this time….

  • R

    Nice Ass! Opps… sorry, was that sexually harrassing to anyone?

  • Eddie

    A womans place is not in a mans locker room. Some things a woman just don’t do.If you don’t want to hear it. Don’t go in there. If you don’t want to see it, then don’t go in there. For as sure as I’m sitting here writing, if you go in there you will see it and hear it. Then you will feel that you have been Harassed.

    • Mike

      she provoked the men by the way she dressed knowing fully well what she was doing, and got what was coming to her. Now shes whining about it. Just like a kid who plays with fire and complains he/she got burnt. Total douche..

  • Joy

    She dressed like that so she could get the guys attention and get an interview (we do this shit all the time). When they didn’t take her seriously because she was dressed like a bimbo, she cried foul. Put on your big girl panties, sister, and try a different approach.

  • jjthejetplane

    Maybe she is looking for her big break? She got her 15 minutes that’s for sure. Just wait, she will show up on dancing with the stars next!

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