Dallas Police Chief Condemns Beating

dpd brown Dallas Police Chief Condemns BeatingDallas Police Chief David Brown has fired one officer and put two others on administrative duties following an investigation into a September 5th beating. See the video below. To watch the eight additional videos that police released Thursday, click here.

Motorcyclist Andrew Collins had led police on a brief chase that ran across sidewalks along Martin Luther King Junior Drive.  He was stopped near Lamar.  That’s when the beating happened. [pullquote quote=”The public’s trust and confidence in the Dallas Police Department cannot and will not be compromised by the misconduct of a few officers” credit=”DPD Chief David Brown”]

It was captured by police dashboard cameras.  The following are excerpts from prepared remarks delivered today by the Chief.

“Dallas police investigators will recommend to the Dallas county District Attorney Dallas Police Officer Kevin Ray Randolph, hired 3/4/2009, be charged with  Assault M/A, Official Oppression M/A, and Tampering with or Fabricating Physical Evidence F/3; Officer Randolph was terminated today for failing probation.

Dallas police investigators will recommend to the Dallas county District Attorney Dallas Police Officer Paul Gregory Bauer, hired 1/21/2009 be charged with Assault M/A, Official Oppression M/A, and Tampering with or Fabricating Physical Evidence F/3.

Dallas police investigators will recommend to the Dallas county District Attorney Dallas Police Officer Henry Walter Duetsch, hired 7/9/2008, be charged with Tampering with or Fabricating Physical Evidence F/3.

Officers on restricted duty: Police Officer Jeremy James Francis, hired 1/7/2009; Robert James Kamphouse, H/M/22, hired 1/21/2009; and Daniel Stephen Malouf W/M/27, hired 5/14/2008 will remain on desk duty until the Internal Affairs investigation is concluded.  Other officers at the scene will be interview as well during the Internal Affairs investigation.  In addition, the Federal Bureau of Investigation will conduct a concurrent investigation of this incident.

Every citizen deserves a measure of respect.

As Chief of police for the city of Dallas, I expect citizens to hold me accountable for insuring that Dallas officers treat all citizens with fairness and compassion.

No one is above the laws of this great country and I expect officers observing any of their peers violating the law or the department’s rules to report those violations immediately.

No one incident should define the character, integrity, or leadership of the Dallas Police Department.

The public’s trust and confidence in the Dallas Police Department cannot and will not be compromised by the misconduct of a few officers.

I’ve been on the job as chief for five months, I’ve been a member of the police department for 27 years, and I was born and raised in this fine city.

I am appealing to the calmer voices of the community and the police department to examine the evidence in this case, and the department’s investigative thoroughness and transparency.

I want you to consider the importance of the many great relationships the Police department has enjoyed over many years as you are making commentary about this incident today and in the days and weeks ahead. ”

Source: KRLD News, KTVT CBS 11 (video)


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  1. James Simmons says:

    If the DPD were eliminated, it would (a) eliminate most if not all of the city’s budget deficit, (b) eliminate the largest organized crime ring in Texas, (c) eliminate much of the lawlessness in our fine city, (d) put the abusive officers and their cronies in the unemployment line where they belong and (e) put an end to the city’s excessive and wasteful spending once and for all.

  2. greggo says:


    I’m sure you have your reasons for saying what you say! like you use illegal drugs have committed a crime, or still do! I don’t live in Dallas but I would love to see no law enforcement in the City for a day! your punk @$$ would be cowering in a corner! Fire the officers involved, charge them appropriaty, and charge the pos criminal for possession and fleeing and move on!

    1. James Simmons says:

      I do have my reasons. And the lawlessness and scandals that have plagued the DPD for the last however many years appear to be getting nothing but worse. It’s embarrassing that the city’s law enforcement agency has become the laughingstock of law enforcement worldwide.

      1. Fred says:

        It is not just the DPD. The city of Dallas has a history of corruption from the current Congresswoman to the city officals. Unfortunately, Dallas is a laughing stock because the corruption is allowed to happen by the citizens. Don’t lump all of the fine police officers into the same category as the criminals iin the particular act.

  3. Eddie says:

    We soon forget that the policeman is not the Law. He’s the one that enforces it. They are men and women just like we are. and when they cross the line they have to face the Judge. Just like we do.

  4. greggo says:

    Some statistics show that over 20% of U.S. adults are or have been arrested for a crime. There are over 3000 DPD officers the 3 bad apples (if they are? they have a right to a trial as well) makes up .001% I will trust a police officer any day over any citizen.

  5. Not Surprised says:

    I’m never surprised when I hear of this sort of thing – many of these people are basically power hungry bullies who found employment needed those attributes. What you see hear due to the video and exposure seems severe but what is done undetected? Those “veterans” training the “rookies” how to get away with oppression and abuse? The criminals need to be held accountable no matter what side of the law they claim are on. Biggest problem for the DPD is these morons were caught and I’m sure that’s a great laugh in the DPD and Courts. Try being a smart @ss to a cop and see what your reward is – ask them “Is there a law against it?” Thats from experience and got me dragged out of my own houseto spend a night in jail plus a charge you can’t fight – resist arrest – and BTW Starr and Witt – what did you crooked bozos do with the BB gun you stole from my house? “I own a BB gun… Is there a law against it?” Have to work with them – never trust them.

    1. James Simmons says:

      You better own more than a BB gun if you want to protect your life and property in this city. Calling 911 is a good last resort, and I stress “last”. I am using my real name, so I’m sure the DPD has already started a witch hunt. I fully expect that I’ll be stalked and that they will somehow find a way to get even. It won’t be legal (it never is), but you wait and see.

  6. Hannah says:

    This is horrifying. I’ve never trusted law enforcement and *have* been scared of police officers my entire life due to being part of the LGBT community. Last time I got pulled over, I hyperventilated in my car and couldn’t use my hands. Stories like these don’t help.

  7. R says:

    Guy deserved every lick he got! When the police turn on their lights, you pull over, you don’t elude and taunt them.

  8. Concerned says:

    “ The public’s trust and confidence in the Dallas Police Department cannot and will not be compromised by the misconduct of a few officers

    ” DPD Chief David Brown

    Really ? Who is he trying to kid ? Trust ? Why the investigation ? Arrest all involved put them in jail and let the courts sort it out. That is how DPD handles citizens. Reality seems to have escaped the entire department.

  9. Terri says:

    Looks like to me that the guy was resisting arrest. Our DPD Officers are trained to use the tools provided by the City. If there is a better way to handle these criminals, why aren’t the rookies and higher officers trained with better techniques. These guys were doing what they are trained by DPD to do.

    Another thought, who knows if that guy was trying to reach a weapon and their lives weret threatened? Why can’t we have the Officer’s side of the story. I’m sure more will evolve on this situation.

    1. Jeff says:

      I agree wholeheartedly with Terri who says “These guys were doing what they are trained by DPD to do.” Does no one see that as part of the problem.
      No doubt the guy deserved to be arrested. This is only one view, what about the officer who turned his dash cam the other way ? Is this standard DPD training ? I think not.. Dallas is a great city that happens to have a police department with a nasty cancer inside.

    2. Fred says:

      I disagree with Terri. Police are not trained to act like that. They are not doing what they are trained to do. As a former law enforcement instructor, I can tell you that the officers are acting out of anger and frustration, not from training. They were wrong! Lets not make this a police v/s the public issue.

  10. Jackie says:

    I make no qualms that the motorist was wrong and should be punished appropriately for his actions. However, the display by the police, who ate suppose to be the professionals in the situation was disturbing. Don’t get me wrong I expect a little rough housing, but that was clearly an abuse if power and excessive force. I support and trust law enforcement for the most part, but the actions do cause concern whether this was a black or white man. As the mother of three young black males I don’t want my sons to fear the police. In our home, we stress respect for authority, although we as well as other family members have had there own bad experiences. However, the way those officers conducted themselves while dealing with that retard makes this mom cringe. All parties should be dealt with appropriately. I don’t want my 9 year old to see this type of behavior again and look to us in confusion. You don’t run from the police, but they shouldn’t beat you to a pulp either. Shame on the motorcyclist and the police.

  11. Janie says:

    THAT is messed up!! No words… Just makes me angry idk why the cops waist their time chasing bikes u cant catchem…too much at risk!

  12. kim says:

    As cops are people too, they are frustrated. As quickly as they take the bad off the street, our revolving door of a justice system lets em’ loose. What they did is wrong. Cops should not carry out sentencing on the street. The next time it could be you.

  13. Harry Harris says:

    The cops were so wrong, I watched the video but the audio was terrible. There was no need to beat that man like that and they all should be fired I think they were out over there in South Dallas looking for trouble, this probably wasn’t the first time they beat up somebody, and the person that turned them in did the right thing, I have no sympathy for any of them.

  14. bill says:

    they should put them all in a boxing ring with clubs and beat each others ass. a cage match no one wins until the last man stands then the party is over.

  15. Tawanda says:

    The wrong began long before the Rodney King style beating. DPD has very clear pursuit policies and chasing this scofflaw the wrong way on a one way service road could have endangered innocent lives. The beating appears to be premeditated as well. It will be interesting to see the final investigation results and whether DPD will cover their @sses by saying the pursuit was ordered terminated. We need our police department but we need them to understand their accountability to the community that they are to serve. I hope others will understand that a few bad apples do not represent the entire force.

  16. lee says:

    I can not believe those officers were stupid enough to believe that they would get away with that…My!My!My!

  17. Derik Buzz says:

    What an crock! Beat his @#$. I’m sure he deserved it.

  18. Paul says:

    I can’t believe the hoopla over this incident.So he got smacked around alittle bit, he deserved it like everyone else that puts others in danger for doing stupid deeds.But…..wouldn’t you know, after hearing callers to a black radio show cry police brutality yet again.Unbelievable.What they don’t know is police beat on whites and browns just like they did that guy all the time and personally I can’t blame them. How’d you like to be babysitting jackasses like that all day long?….getting spit on, cursed at, assaulted by so called adults that are society’s menace. I think the black community would rather have absolutely no law enforcement at all……then what? Thanks to today’s left winged liberal idealogies, we’re supposed to do what we want when we want and how we want with no consequences.Little immature isn’t it?

    1. James Simmons says:

      Nice spin, Paul. I find very little truth in anything you said, but hey…someone has to put a spin on all this and try to keep the DPD from looking like a bunch of lawless renegades. The one major fallacy in your reasoning is, that’s how they’re trained and that’s how they’re going to act. Then when they get caught, here comes the “Oh this is just an isolated incident. Our officers aren’t trained to behave in that manner.” Yeah, right. Until the next time it happens. And the next, and the next.

      1. Paul says:

        Unbelievable response. Some people just need a good a$$ whoopin’. How many times have you witnessed car chases where innocent people get killed or severely hurt. The police could just shoot them, you know? These people may have dependents that rely on them. Where’s the justice for them? If they sued, they’d probably get zilch since most low-lifes that engage in their self centered antics have nothing anyway.This isn’t about black or white to me but I do get tired of hearing the black community whine all the time. Why don’t the cops just shoot them? As for there being no truth to what I said in my earlier post, I’ve seen and known people that got their ass kicked by a cop and they weren’t black. I wish the cops would have just shot them. Yes, they deserved it too. Or the cops coulda filled em full of hot lead. Yeah I said it. You have to realize the so called victims are usually high on drugs (illegal) or highly intoxicated (beligerrant) and their reactions are unpredictable and unprevoked. Last, I hope there’s legal recourse for these officers to countersue the city and the jackasses they arrest. The cops COULD just make all this much easier for all of us by SHOOTING these idiots in the first place.

  19. Perez says:

    If this incident was not recorded – and what about all other incidents never reported ? A crime reponded by a crime. How can the Dallas police demand respect ? We paid them to beat us ! What if Andrew was doing beating on Cops he be dead maybe? The Department ( i don’t know about will not ) it has been compromise – we are al humans and this what we do. With an uniform or without God help us.

  20. Perez says:

    The cops beat on us and we beat on the cops That’s we do in Dallas. The only ones that don’t beat anyone is the Dallas Cowboys They need to beat someone!

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