Survivor: Nicaragua. The Coach as Champion. Week 1

jimmy survivor thumb 250x333 Survivor: Nicaragua. The Coach as Champion. Week 1

Once upon a time at a Valley Ranch far, far away, Jimmy Johnson drove his black Nissan 300Z into the parking lot and hurried into the building. He’d summoned a snotty-nosed, smart-ass reporter to his office, and I sat nervously in the foyer.

After reading aloud my story in that day’s Fort Worth Star-Telegram about the Dallas Cowboys planning to use young defensive end Tony Hill as a one-man spy on Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback Donovan McNabb, Jimmy slammed the paper down, leaned over his desk and demanded:

“You don’t have to help us row our boat, but I’m warning you not to punch holes in it.”

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  • ds

    um richie im pretty sure donovan mcnabb was in highschool when you conducted this interview. you might be thinking of randall cunningham. they really dont all look alike .

  • mw

    Richie is a dumb ass! Get the made up story straight in your head before writing it for all to see. What a dumb ass!

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