bishop long Ole Anthony Asked to Investigate Televangelist Eddie Long The Dallas watchdog group Trinity Foundation has been asked to look into the finances of the man who pastors a 25,000-member church.Eddie Long is the self-styled “bishop” of an Atlanta-area mega-church who is now facing accusations of sexual impropriety.

Last week, three men filed lawsuits calling Long a sexual predator who used his influence as their pastor to browbeat them into having sex with him when they were teenagers.

In court papers, the three claim Long would discuss the Bible “…to justify and support the sexual activity.”  Now, Ole Anthony, who heads the Dallas-based Trinity Foundation, says he’s been asked by the Senate Finance Committee to look into Long’s finances.

Three years ago, at Anthony’s urging, the committee’s ranking minority member, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley sent letters to Long and five other prominent tel-evangelists, demanding details about their expenditures, financial practices, credit cards and other information.

Anthony says his group supplied Grassley with enough incriminating material “…to fill a Volkswagen.”   As an example, Anthony says Long uses church money to buy lavish corporate jets through his own private company and then charges the church lucrative fees to lease the jets for Long’s own use.