By Doug Dunbar, CBS 11 NewsBy Doug Dunbar

Boot camp workouts are a popular way to lose weight, but a new level of boot camp in Plano sees average dumbbells and jump ropes being replaced by giant tires and weighted sleds. It’s a perfect regime for those craving some variety in their workout.

“You just kind of come out here, you do what she tells you,” said Kim Cantrell, a student of No Excuses Boot Camp at Training Techniques in Plano. The ‘she’ is instructor Susan Cresini, and the ‘what she tells you’ changes every day. It’s tough, but according to Cantrell, “It works!”

“You never know what it’s going to be,” said student Paula Mathison. “You do things you would never do on your own.”

The morning boot camp begins at 5:45 a.m. and, when CBS 11 News stopped by, it started with an outdoor warm-up run followed by a non-stop hour of hard work. Rope climbs. Shoot throughs. Students dragging pallets with weight on them. Running with heavy, sand-filled jugs. Crawling in plank position with a paper plate under your toes. Ever done that?

“I’d rather you throw up than give up,” Cresini told students.

The boot camp is focused on your core, cardio and firing up the muscles that you might not regularly use in a more traditional gym workout. The boot camp class also includes a road map for proper nutrition. “When they put those two together,” said Cresini, “it’s a recipe for success.”

Former football player Colt Church is a big believer in this workout method. “I haven’t been losing inches or things like that,” he said, “but I’ve definitely seen my body get like, firmer and more toned.”

The class is designed for everyone — from couch potatoes to exercise nuts – as long as you are ready and able to put in some hard work. Training Techniques offers a free seven-day membership so you can try No Excuses Boot Camp to see if the program is for you. Click here for more information.