Councilman's Son Repays Grant Intended For Home Buyers

dannyscarth Councilman's Son Repays Grant Intended For Home Buyers A Fort Worth City Councilman’s adult son has now paid back more than eight-thousand dollars in federal grant money intended to help low-to-moderate income residents buy a house. Councilman Danny Scarth says no laws were broken and that he and his son Payton were not aware there was a separate process for people who might have a conflict of interest.

The grant program is funded by the Federal Housing and Urban Development Department but the city handles the paperwork.  Payton Scarth received a grant last year, using it to help purchase a town-house worth about $86,000.

The city already had a policy allowing city employees to apply for the grants, as long as they met the income requirements.  Scarth might have been allowed to take that path, but instead applied through regular channels without notifying the federal government.

Following a routine audit, HUD reported that the grant to Payton Scarth probably violated the federal government’s conflict-of-interest rules.  Scarth then paid the money back.


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  1. jimsplace says:

    Mr. Scarth seems to have a series of Ethics problems that follow him or he is involved. As a Councilman for too many years to count, he is or should know the laws that involve the City that he is in charge of running.
    When you look at the reports that have come out, his position is always that someone else is responsible, not him. Or, he didn’t know. There are far too many coincidences, as far as I am concerned.
    How many time does one get to play the stupid card ???

  2. oldman68 says:

    sure is funny that these people don’t check anything until they get caught-then oh I didn’t know.What else don’t they know and why would you want anyone this misinformed making decisions for you?

  3. ForFW says:

    Danny nor his son did anything wrong. The son applied for and received a grant that was created for first time home buyers who qualified. He qualified he got the grant. The city official in charge of the program admitted on the record that his office screwed up the paperwork, not Danny nor his son. And as far as ethics charges they are filled by the same bunch of malcontents who have nothing better to do with their lives than harass an honorable and descent man. I think they do so because he’s confined to a wheel chair and so makes an easy target. Danny has won every election he’s run in and those of us who admire and support him will do everything in our power to make sure that he will win in the future.

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