image269052g Cop Killer Seeks Change in Death Penalty Sentence One of the men on death row for the 2000 Christmas Eve murder of an Irving policeman thinks he got a raw deal at sentencing.  Randy Halprin is one of six prison escapees sentenced to death for murdering officer Aubrey Hawkins nearly ten years ago while they were stealing firearms and ammo from an Irving sporting goods store.  They had been on the lam for eleven days after escaping from a south Texas prison.

After the murder, they disappeared for five weeks before being captured in Colorado.  One of the seven committed suicide as police were closing in, while the others were convicted and received the death penalty.  One of them has already been executed.

Now, Halprin’s lawyers say he ranked last on a document listing the seven escapees according to the strength of their personalities. They say the jury never saw that document and claim it might have made a difference in whether or not they would have voted for capital punishment.

A state district judge is asking Halprin’s lawyers and Dallas County prosecutors to submit their written arguments by the end of October.