Candidate's Ad Causes Stir

It’s extremely doubtful that any political ad has ever started with these words, but here it is.  The new one from Christine O’Donnell, Republican Senate Candidate from Delaware, starts with, “I’m not a witch.”

O’Donnell is addressing the controversy that’s erupted over a late night talk show interview she did ten years ago in which she admitted to dabbling in witchcraft as a teenager. 

  • oldman68

    She sure as he– ain’t me.At least I don’t lie with every breath as she does and have the gall to ask someone to vote for me.Go ahead if you’re that stupid- just support her and her ilk and see what you get.You will deserve every bit of it.

  • The Nite Nurse

    Christine is Not me. I work at a real job not as a “marketing consultant” which is code word for NO JOB. I didn’t waste my youth on having lots of sexual partners, drinking, and NOT paying my college tution. I worked my way through college. Like most Christians they found Christ after doing the most horrible things with their lives and feel those who choose differently are the devil.Sorry but I’d rather follow a fellow who graduated from Harvard, has been married for many years to ONE person, father of 2 kids, and works very hard at his job. Call me crazy but I judge a person by his works not what they say.

  • Ginny

    Oh, how funny!

    I’m old enough to remember the televised Nixon news conference in which he stated, “I am not a crook.”

    This poor lady is too immature to know when to keep her mouth shut, telling a TV host that she “dabbled in witchcraft.” Then she’s too ignorant to keep her mouth shut by avoiding bringing up the matter and reminding everyone about it.

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