Cheerleaders Outfits Too Revealing?

A group of high school cheerleaders in Connecticut have succeeded in convincing the local school board to approve some changes to their uniforms and make them less revealing.  Members of the squad at Bridgeport Central had complained that the bare midriffs and shorty shorts were, in the words of team captain Heidi Medina ,”…totally inappropriate.”  “It hurts our self-esteem,” said another cheerleader. “I’m embarrassed to stand up there dressed like that.”

Now they won’t have to.  The board has agreed to purchase black bodysuits for the cheerleaders to wear underneath their uniforms.

cheer Cheerleaders Outfits Too Revealing?


One Comment

  1. Bryan says:

    No, this is not to revealing. That’s conservative, have seen a whole lot more skin, and no complaints from the team

  2. David says:

    Why don’t we just put them in suits of armor?? Gimme a break!

  3. RML says:

    I commend these girls………obviously they were brought up with values!

  4. Karen says:

    I don’t know that it’s any more revealing than a lot of others. However, if they are uncomfortable in them, change them. They are entitled to modesty.

  5. Cathy says:

    Amazing that the two previous comments were from males… I am thrilled to hear that these young girls want to wear more, instead of less. We have gone too far in allowing our UNDERAGE cheerleaders to wear innaprpriate outfits. How about we leave the bare midriffs and shorty shorts to the ADULTS, like the Cowboy cheerleaders. Who, by the way, is who you sickos should be looking at anyway!

    1. David says:

      Cathy, I find your remark offensive and ignorantly sexist. My remark and most likely Bryan’s too was COMPARING the outfit in question against other HS cheerleaders outfits. NOT about watching underage teenagers cheer with some perverted intent!

      FYI: Most men that attend HS football games are FATHERS that have small children of their own and looking at a cheerleader all they “see” is a CHILD cheering for their team not some ‘sexual eye-candy’.

      So, YOU are the SICKO that would even insinuate such filth!

  6. moose says:

    Did the girls not know about the uniforms before they tried out for the team? Where they a suprise? Girls on the track or volleyball teams wear shorter shorts and tighter shirts. If you don’t like the uniform, maybe they should have addressed that before joining the squad. Why is there such a big deal about a uniform change? Is that the only newsworthy thing going on?

  7. Duckman says:

    I always thought that cheerleader uniforms, like any other uniform, were designed for function, not perversion. I could only imagine what some of the first uniforms were like; probably injured yourself doing a split or flip. But maybe with today’s synthetic fabrics you can do all those moves without exposing any body parts and without overheating. Sure, there are those cheerleader squads that do it for the sexual attraction, but I think mostly it is the comfort. Could you imagine a gymnist performing in Dockers and a polo shirt?

  8. ilvrw says:

    Good for them. They should have an option if available. I just hope they don’t try out for swim team or water polo. There are no alternate uniforms.

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