If you have Rangers fever and want to give your full attention to this afternoon’s playoff game, the team’s owner is offering you some help. Chuck Greenberg is giving you permission to leave work and listen to the Rangers playoff game today against the Tampa Bay Rays. In fact, he is offering a written excuse…like a doctor’s note for a condition he calls “Red Fever.” The note says if you have any symptoms, including growing antlers, the desire to wear Texas Rangers clothing or have a strong appetite for hot dogs, nachos or peanuts, you can be excused from work today and tomorrow. The note’s even signed by Greenberg himself. For a printable version of the form, click here.

You can listen to Texas Rangers baseball locally on 105.3 The Fan (Monday-Friday) and 1080 KRLD (Saturday-Sunday). To find an affiliate in your area – click here.

rangers excuse Have Rangers Fever? Print This Excuse Form