Foreclosure Freeze Doesn’t Affect Everyone

If you are in the middle of a foreclosure proceeding now is not the time to relax about it.

house with foreclosure sign1 Foreclosure Freeze Doesn’t Affect Everyone

Just because the Attorney General called on 30 mortgage loan servicers to stop foreclosure proceedings until October 15th that doesn’t mean all of them will do it and that doesn’t mean if you are in a foreclosure proceeding yourself that everything will stop.  “First off you need to call your mortgage company to find out if you are effected by this and what your next step should be” says Better Business Bureau spokeswoman Lydia Hekman. “You definitely need to get them on the phone or via email just as soon as you possibly can because everyone’s situation is going to be a little bit different.”  Hekman says now is not the time to sit back and do nothing thinking you’re safe.  She says now is the time to take action, look at your paperwork and payments history and try to clear things up.


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  1. Brenda Largent says:

    I am not trying to get my house for free, The Banks are!
    At first I just wanted to know the right people took possession of the home, when my request were denied, I looked into my documents and had a forensics Examintion done, which evidenced multiple counts of fraud. I have no trust in banks and never will again.

    Show Me the Loan ! “A debt evidenced by a Note” as stated in the Deed of Trust the Note does not exist to a court if the court does not see the Note
    Maxims of Law and Court rules
    accordingly, without the ACTUAL Note being presented to the court, there is no Note If there is no Note, the debt is not evidenced If the debt is not evidenced, there is no debt If there is no debt, there is no loan

    If a Person claims there is no loan, then the Bank MUST prove there is a loan by proving there is evidence of a debt, which in this case can ONLY be the Note.
    Therefore, WHERE IS THE LOAN?
    BIG SECRET IS THAT THE NOTE AND DEED OF TRUST ARE TWO SEPERATE THINGS. Carpenter v Longon 1872? If seperated the Obligee releases the Obligor.
    The Banks Need to be held accountable, and America needs to ask itself if it was my house they were trying to take, with forged paperwork what would you do. ?

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