Mansion Rebuild Gets Federal Funds

rebuild house Mansion Rebuild Gets Federal Funds About two years ago, the Texas Governors mansion burned down. The federal government has supplied almost $11-million dollars for the rebuild project. The money was originally mandated to help front Texas’ emergency expenses after Hurricane Ike, but has now been shuffled to the State Preservation Board overseeing the mansion rebuild. The money is also helping to pay for Governor Perry’s $9-thousand dollar rent in a gated West Austin neighborhood.

  • Gary

    I can’t believe WE are paying $9000/month ($108,000/year) for him to live there. That is the most ridiculous, selfish thing I every heard a governor do. He say he stand for the people, but this clearly shows he stands for himself.

  • Cat

    The election is coming soon. Lets get rid of this guy. Good bye and good riddance.

  • NoFool

    ‘Nuf said, let’s get rid of this guy. It makes me sick to think our hard-earned and ‘stolen out of our pockets’ tax dollars are going to house him. If he truly wanted to show the people he’s aware of and is sympathetic to Texan’s needs, he certainly wouldn’t be wasting our tax dollars in such a way. Rick Perry, I’m afraid your time is up.

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